How to Get a Cat to Stay on Your Lap

Cats can be finicky. Does yours not want to sit on your lap? Here are some ways on how the cat will enjoy to sit on your lap in the future.


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    Get comfortable. Find a soft chair or a nice couch and make yourself cozy. After all you will be sitting there for at least the next 30 minutes. Get into comfortable pants, choose a book and make yourself some tea or a hot chocolate.
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    Get the cat. You want the cat to be close to you and to feel comfortable. Put a soft blanket (or even better the cat's bed) next to you on the sofa and place the cat on it. Ideally it will stay there and settle down for a nap. If it doesn't, don't rush it! Try it again another time. Maybe the cat just isn't in the mood for a nap or it wants to be alone. You must respect that!
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    Make your lap desirable. You want the cat to go on your lap of its own free accord. You have to convince it that it will prefer your lap to the place its snoozing right now. You can do that by either starting to stroke it until it purrs and then move your hand to your lap. Maybe the cat will follow it, because it wants to be petted more.
    • Otherwise you can also call the cat and signal it to sit on your lap by patting your lap.
    • Another way is to move the cat to your lap. However, don't force the cat to stay if it doesn't want to! Be gentle and just put her on your lap.
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    Try to keep it there. Once the cat is on your lap you start caressing it and petting it and scratching it behind the ears. However, don't seem too interested! Don't focus all your attention on the cat, but rather continue reading your book, watching the TV, drinking your tea or speaking to other people. While cats like attention, they also don't want to have too much.
    • After a while it is likely that the cat will fall asleep. If that happens, continue to just sit there and leave the cat be. It is equally possible though that the cat will suddenly start cleaning itself. If that's the case, that means the cat had enough caressing and will move away. Don't pet it anymore and allow it to leave.
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    Repeat process. Keep in mind that the cat should want to move on your lap. It should have a good time there. If it connects sitting on your lap with a positive feeling it will want more. Maybe it won't happen the first time, but in general cats like to have attention and sit on laps, so it will get there eventually. All in all it's about the relation between you and your cat.


  • Cats love soft and fluffy fabrics! Put on your fluffiest pants to motivate the cat to move onto your lap. But beware! The cat might start to lovingly claw the fabric of your pants and this can be painful!!!
  • Blink slowly at your cat. This is cat language for showing affection.
  • It might be easier to start with having a blanket on your lap or a cushion for the first few times.
  • Try to set up a routine. For example everyday after work have time for the cat to sit on your lap. Then it could become a sort of daily routine.
  • All cats are different. Maybe your cat doesn't like to sit on laps. If that is the case, find other ways on how to show the cat your affection. Having it on your lap isn't the only way to have a good time together.
  • If you have a white cat, try sitting in a black chair for extra coolness.
  • Some cats prefer to sit in the hollow of your legs when you're sitting cross-legged. Try that for a change.

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