How to Get a Car Rental Discount Code

Quick show of hands—who wants to pay full retail when they rent a car? Nobody? That's right, nobody! While the rental companies would be happy to let you pay full price, there are rental discount codes and coupons just waiting to be snatched up by the savvy consumer, and are easier to get than you might think. In fact, you may already qualify for repeat discounts and not even know it. Read on, and we'll show you how you might qualify for a discount on your next car rental.


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    Check your existing memberships for benefits. There are hundreds of car rental discount codes and coupons that you can get just by already being a member of certain associations.
    • Do you belong to a frequent flyer program, auto club, travel club, or any other group that has gotten you discounts in the past? Members of AARP, AOPA, CARP, Sam's Club, Costco, Delta Skymiles, Aeroplan, AIChe, or the APA, for example, are eligible for car rental discounts.
    • Some insurance companies such as Allstate or GEICO have coverage that includes free rental while your car is being repaired.
    • Visit your organization's websites, or check out the fliers they send and that usually end up in the recycle bin before you even peek at them.
    • You can also call the rental company's toll-free number and ask if there is a discount with that program or association. The agents will be able to plug in the proper discount code and quote you the rate.
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    Look for discounts associated with your work. Car rental agencies like making arrangements with businesses because it guarantees repeat customers. Check with your Human Resources manager to see if the company you work for has a deal like this in place.
    • If you’re self-employed or own a small business, many rental agencies will offer you repeat discounts in exchange for long-term loyalty. Shop around to see which company seems most reliable and offers the best program. Call any car rental company and ask to sign up so you can receive discounts, coupons and specials. Most car rental websites will also offer a sign up link for a corporate or business account. You will receive a car rental discount code that you can use right away.
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    Book with a company that offers discounts. Popular online booking companies such as Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and Kayak all advertise auto rental discounts as part of their value offerings. offers savings of up to 40% on rental cars right on their home page.
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    Look for discounts associated with your travel destination. Popular locations like resorts and theme parks, as well as the hotels and the establishments around them often offer car-rental discounts to travelers to set themselves apart from the competition.
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    Look for travel-package deals. If you plan to take a plane, train, or ferry before renting a car, you may be able to get a discount depending on the company you travel with (Jet Blue, Amtrak, etc.).
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    Search for coupon codes online. There are a host of general coupon sites (,, as well as sites that are car-rental specific (, Make sure to shop around for the best deal and keep an eye out for instances in which more than one coupon may be used at a time (infrequent but lucrative).


  • If you are calling to book a rental car and don't have any discount associations, as the rental agent if there are any "specials" or "deals". Most companies allow their agents to offer generic discount codes to lower your rate... but only if you ask!
  • Compare any discounts you find against specials offered directly on a rental agency’s website. Most specials can't be used in conjunction with your discount code but still might give you a cheaper rate.

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