How to Get a Body Piercing

So here are some step-by-step instructions on how to get a piercing.


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    Choose where you are going to place your piercing. Make sure that it is in a place that is going to suit you, and also a place where it won’t interfere with your workplace if you work. But then again, you can always get a clear retainer to minimize the sight of your piercing so you won’t have to take out your piercing.
    • A retainer is a clear piece of body jewelry that you replace your metal jewelry with so that the hole won’t close, while making the piercing virtually invisible.
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    Find a good piercing/tattoo parlor. Always be sure to go to a professional to get your piercings. Any piercer you go to should be working in a studio certified by the Association of Professional Piercers ( and not Claire's, Walmart, Piercing Pagoda or your friend. Make sure that the studio has an Autoclave, which the piercer should use to sterilize his tools and the jewelry. Alcohol wipes are not a form of sterilization. All needles should be single use. Make sure that your piercer is wearing gloves. You can get HIV or other infections from unsterilized needles and jewelry. You do not want this to happen! Watch carefully. Do not be afraid to speak up if something is not right. Also, pick the correct type of jewelry in case you are allergic to metals of any kind.
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    Check the environment. Does it look clean? Do you feel safe? Are you seconding guessing anything? These are questions to ask yourself. You can always back out of a piercing if you don’t feel right. Or you can go to another parlor if the current parlor is doesn't “feel right”. Follow your gut instinct.
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    After you get pierced, make sure that your piercer gives you specific aftercare instructions. Do whatever they tell you to do, and don’t divert from it. Do it for the recommended time so that your piercing will heal properly.
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    Try not to touch, rub, or hit your piercing. If you touch your piercing, bacteria from your hands might get into your piercing and infect it. Rubbing and hitting your fresh piercing can cause irritation and possibly infection.

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