How to Get a Better Kick in Soccer

This article should help you learn how to improve your soccer kick without harming yourself. Before you read this, though, make sure you have a properly sized soccer ball and cleats. Having an improperly inflated or smaller-than-regulation ball can affect your kicking ability severely.


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    Stand as far away from the soccer net as possible. Make sure you don't stand too far away, though, or the ball won't make it into the net. If you're on a regulation sized field, a little more than outside the box should be far enough.
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    Place the soccer ball in front of you. Make sure the spot that you put it on isn't in a hole, or near one, or you can hurt your ankle trying to kick it.
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    Back up about 3 steps at a 45 degree angle from the ball.
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    Kick with your laces on top of your shoe or cleat so that on contact point your toes are at the bottom of the plus(+).
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    Remember to follow through and finish. When following through, you should land on the foot that you kicked the ball with.
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    Never use your toe. When you are kicking with power, you should always use your laces. Using your toe usually results in inaccuracy and a loss of power.


  • Take your time to learn the right kicking technique
  • Don't run at the ball too fast, otherwise you will lose the precision necessary for a successful shot.
  • You Can also use your instep.Your laces aren't always a good thing
  • Do practice!
  • Keep your head over the ball it will give you more power
  • Try to use the opposite arm to your leg which you are kicking with (right leg-left arm left leg-right arm) to keep balance when you swing your leg. you can stretch your arm up or horizontally, depending on the type of kick.
  • Aim for a spot in the net repeatedly and eventually you will hit it.
  • Also make sure you have a water bottle so you don't get dehydrated.
  • If you want to try chipping the ball, simply back up 3-4 steps from the ball, and come at it from an angle, try to imagine your foot slicing through the ball.
  • pick a spot on the goal and continuously hit it in that spot
  • Always stay focused; don't let anything or anyone bother you while you're getting set up to kick and make sure you have some patience so you don't get frustrated.
  • Lean over the ball so it doesn't go too high into the air and go over the net.
  • You might wish to watch a number of tutorial videos which teach you how to effectively kick a football. A number of tutorials can be found through using websites including YouTube.
  • When defending, make sure that you stay on your toes and that you force the opponent to the the outside of the field.


  • Do not dig your foot into the ground- this could possibly cause you to break your ankle.
  • Stretch before kicking or you might pull a muscle
  • Do not try to copy the way other soccer players kick, do what suits you. Eventually you'll have your own kicking style.

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  • A soccer net
  • Soccer ball
  • A good sized wall

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