How to Get a Belgium Visa

The Belgium visa is issued as an entry pass for the applicant to visit Belgium for the holidays or any official purposes. The process for obtaining a visa for Belgium takes few steps which have to be followed to get the visa processed. The Belgium visa can be either single or multiple entries.


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    Make your ‘purpose to Visit’ clear
    • Before applying for the visa you must ensure that your purpose of visit is clear. Depending on the purpose and category the visa will be granted for the applicants. The purpose can be either visiting the family, friends in Belgium or for the official and business purposes etc.
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    Fill up the application form
    • The visa application form has to be filled up in accordance to the rules and regulations prescribed by the embassy. While filling the form your name along with surname of father and spouse should be mentioned.
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    Complete the application formalities
    • You need to affix your photograph along with the form and also attach the required supporting documents. The category of the applicants including the type of stay has to be mentioned. The visa for business, cultural, sport events, tourism, visiting family and friends should be mentioned. Complete the entire visa application procedure.
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    Visit the Visa Application Center
    • You have to visit the application center for the further proceedings. Be on time for the appointment at the application center. Make sure it the working hours and you receive a token number for the enrollment.
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    Submit the application along with the payment
    • The application with the necessary documents should be submitted at the application center. The payment for the visa application has to make to initiate the application process.
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    Keep track of your application online
    • The best way to keep track of your application is through online. You can also call the concerned person to know more details of your application
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    Collect your passport with visa
    • The passport with the visa can be collected either from the Visa Application Centre or you can opt the visa to be delivered by post.

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