How to Gain the Motivation to Do Well in School

In school, it is easy to find yourself distracted. Constantly we are procrastinating, slacking off on homework to be on social networks, gaming or watching videos, even to the point where we are cramming for that social studies test two hours before test time! Most of us have been there, and worse, we have to hear about our sibling's 93% on their test at the dinner table. Undoubtedly, you are reading this because you are worried, stressed, and even angered by your lack of motivation to complete your work efficiently. If you don't change your ways and do better in school soon, it will be much harder to get your act together later.


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    Admit you have to change. This is the most commonly known but also one of the hardest, if not the cheesiest, step when you set out to solve a problem. Yes, today you have decided you want to do something about your habits, but what about tomorrow? How about next week? What about when you log on to the internet while your homework lays on the table? Will you be motivated to change then? Of course not. You have been there. You got tired, then distracted, and soon were on the internet. You felt guilty, but swallowed your guilt saying "I'll commit tomorrow." NO! Do not do this. If need be, write down everything you are committed to do and post reminders everywhere. Post-it notes can do wonders. By constantly seeing the phrase "I need to change", your brain is, primed for change. Please, please, please commit to this. Post it as your status on all your social networks. Truly become committed to change. And do not feel embarrassed by your postings, feel empowered. Post your intentions on the background of your computer and as your screen saver. If you don't have your own user account on your family computer, explain to your family members, the extent of your commitment and your need to post reminders to motivate yourself. If they are like most families, they will understand, and will stand beside with support you had never imagined. You will definitely gain a load of respect from them.
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    Write down everything. This is very important. You must write down a many different things. You should write down these things in this order and on different pages in your notebook. What classes and activities you are in: This is to sort out your life a bit. If you want, you can also write down the days and times that you have these classes and activities. What things you are behind in and/or are missing: This gives you a sense of what you're up against. As the list gets smaller and smaller, you'll find yourself more motivated to get it completely cleared up. What your mark is in each class: This way you know what things you are great at, and what things you might need to study extra hard on. It's sometimes depressing seeing your marks, but you must write these things down. All things that do not benefit you (nose picking, alcohol, drugs, computer, etc.): Commit to gradually reduce the number of times you participate in these activities. A healthier life style and better you focuses the mind, can lead to great, inspiring things, and is over all better for you. If you're having trouble with these, please see other articles on wikiHow. All the things you want to accomplish: These are your goals. Without goals set out, you might improve and stop after you've improved a little bit. This is not good. You should ALWAYS try to improve, no matter how good you get or how tired you are. After you have completed a goal, write out a greater goal. Think of it like this: You set out to run a mile, and complete that goal. If you keep improving on it, you could be in the Olympics! Finally, the great things about yourself: After a bit of depression writing out all that other stuff, you need to focus on the positive. Otherwise this mountain you are trying to climb with seem insurmountable. Feeling good about who you are is a great motivation. It could be as simple as "I have nice fingers", as great as "I am the strongest person in my family", or as average (to you) as "I have the skills to cook food for my family every night". Never put yourself down in here. Focus on the positive. Don't think "I have amazing lips... but my skin has lots of acne." It isn't the point of this.
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    Exercise and eat healthy. This is very hard, especially if you are like I am, where you love chocolate, are picky about vegetables, and aren't very athletic. However, it is possible. Perhaps you have a wii, and have a bit of anger issues. You could always take out your anger by practicing every day at boxing on Wii Sports. Or maybe you live on a farm and own a bike. You can always go for a bike ride. If you're picky about foods, try to eat something each day that you do like. Perhaps you like bananas. Try eating one every day. You don't have to eat a salad and run a marathon to exercise and eat healthy. Perhaps you'll grow addicted to it all. :]
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    Prove them wrong. It's most likely you have someone weighing you down. Whether it be your friends, parents, siblings, or enemies. They say you can't do it. They say you'll fail at life. Prove them wrong. Anger is a common emotion you feel when you think of when they say this. Take that anger and channel it. Focus it so that instead of a comeback, you can prove them wrong. Make them feel foolish. This is a very evil step, it seems, but this is what got ME motivated.
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    Study buddy. This is the fun part. Find a few friends in your grade, four will do, to study with on the weekends. You could make a group out of it, or you can study with one friend each weekend of the month. Two brains ARE better than one, and if you can refrain from talking the ENTIRE time, you can both be beneficial to each other. You can even make a sleepover of it. That way, after your hard work, you have the night to chat away as a treat. If you're like me, you may be home schooled and do not have classmates to interact with. No problem! Your area will most likely have a homeschool group. You can join some activities with the group, make friends, and gain study buddies! Even older friends will do. They most likely see the stuff as easy by the time they're in a new, more difficult grade, and they'd probably be willing to help you.
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    See it as an adventure. Have you ever thought of the perfect student? The one person you imagine in your head who goes to Harvard, got straight A's in school, they're popular and nice, go to the gym every day, and they just so happen to have perfect hair? Well, no one can be perfect, but "play" this as a game. On your adventure to motivating yourself, you could see it as "leveling up". Every time you get better, you gain a level, trying to achieve the final level, "Ruler of the school". Aim to be that perfect person. I realize you cannot be perfect, but you can get pretty close if you aim for Pluto (the distant not-a-planet).
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    Reward yourself. Life is not all work, although it seems like it when you're trying to do better. Every time you achieve a goal, improve your grade drastically, go two weeks sober of a bad activity, or hand in at least half of your missing assignments in a class, give yourself a good day off. Do something you love to do. You deserve it. Just try not to do it too often. You don't want to go into the habit of days off, or get used to pampering yourself. This is a reward for doing something big and challenging.
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    Release. Let go of any bad, embarrassing moments, mistakes, or worries. Let go of things you've done or situations you've been in. Let go of it all. That was the old you. Think of it as you were possessed. You were possessed by stress. Don't think about it, be embarrassed by it, or regret it. You've obviously learned from it, and you're changing. Let go of it all. You are no longer the you you originally knew. You are new in the eyes of everyone.


  • Never be afraid to ask a question!
  • ALWAYS attend class!
  • Instead of restricting websites or turning your phone off, turn your phone on do not disturb. This will help you focus since you can't tell when you get a notification.
  • If you are in college they say you need two hours per credit of studying per week. EX) Math-1080=4 credits, ENGL-1010=4 credits and MACA-1280=4 credits. You will need to provide 24 hours a week of studying time. But it you study for school 40 hours a week like a full time job, just imagine how well you will do!
  • Yoga, tai chi, qui gon, etc can help with all this. It's a great stress relief. It also gives you the bursts of energy you need to carry on.
  • Making all of your Social Networks Restricted Websites will help you do better in School because instead of wasting time on sites like Facebook or YouTube you'll be able to focus on your Schoolwork. To make your Social Networks Restricted Websites go to "Network and Internet Connections", click on "Internet Options", hit the the "Security Button" and click on "Restricted Sites", type in the website of your Social Networks followed by going to "Privacy", hitting the "Sites" Button, and type in something like "" after you've erased your Internet History. That way you won't be tempted to spend time on your Social Networks. However, if you'd like to set up an Away Message on your Social Networks then that's fine.
  • If you have DVR select the "Record Everyday" option so that you can watch your favorite shows later on after your Homework is done. The TV and the Internet aren't going anywhere.
  • Your religion can help you. Never stray away from your religion. It is your support, your unmoving support. Keep it. You will most likely need it. It's a boat carrying you. Trust in it, and if you feel the need, fall deeper into your religion. However, if you find your prayers unanswered, the problem you face may be for your good.


  • You may need to consult your doctor about new exercises and diets.
  • In College if you fail a Class you'll be placed on Academic Probation, and if you fail the Class one more time you'll be Suspended. If that type of behavior continues in College they'll suspend you again, ask you to leave the School forever, and you'll have to enroll in Adult Education.

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