How to Gain a New Perspective

As a person is growing, that person has a certain way of looking at what happens before his or her eyes. Once you've seen life from a different point of view, you gain a very wide knowledge of your world. Try to see the world from a new perspective! It'll be worth it.


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    Increase your awareness. One of the most important things in life is to be aware of yourself. To be aware of every step you take, the words you say, and actions you perform is very important. You probably do this already. After the day is over you might be thinking: "I wonder what would've happened if I went to the movies instead of studying." To be aware of yourself is kind of like having a bird's eye view of what you're doing.
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    Travel. Traveling is an awesome (and fun) way to gain a new perspective. Land yourself in a totally different country from your own and explore the culture. Compare countries and how they value different ideas and rules. For example: In Thailand, driving can be terrifying for an American the first time. The cars move faster and come dangerously close to each other, motorbikes weave through the traffic, people run across busy streets; it is the complete opposite to what an American is used to. After a few weeks though, the heavy traffic, the fast cars and seemingly crazy pedestrians would become normal. When the American returns to America, he or she will think, "I forgot how slow the cars here went."
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    Clean. Get rid of some of your old stuff that you don't need anymore. Move your furniture around and vacuum in those hard to reach spots. Go through all your drawers and reorganize them. Wash those mirrors, windows, and TV screens. Try to not leave a speck of dust behind. If you do this, you'll be putting your old self in the trash can, and you'll have a blank new perspective to work with.
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    Workout. A new body helps you have a new perspective. Those distances you couldn't handle before, you can now do with ease. Picture it.


  • Don't take this as harshly as it sounds. Just try to think of the consequences that come from them. Don't go crazy though!

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