How to Gain a Degree While Working

Who doesn’t want to earn those extra bucks? But, somewhere our qualifications have refrained us from getting that long-needed promotion in our offices. We often observe that people in higher posts and with larger salary packages in any organization possess a similar level of qualifications as well. If further studies can help in achieving our goals, why not opt for quality education available online? Yes, today the Internet has given a great opportunity to students to learn while doing their respective jobs through this naive mode of education, which is also sure to take them places (without taking them anywhere!).

But, as the online education mode is mushrooming to its highest extent; the one dearth of the providers for this and one question which pops-up in every student’s mind is–how to go about it?


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    Decide what you want to study. This one can be called as the basic and most crucial step in the way of gaining a degree online. Brainstorm with you to parents, friends, colleagues and even with yourself to catch hold of the best subject to be learned online. The subject may or may not be related to the field in which you may be working, but in any case should be able to bring out your true potential in learning.
    • Also, make up your mind for a fresh-start in your job career, in case you are opting for a subject which is in no way related to your current job profile.
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    Browse the Internet. Browse the net of all the courses available that can boost your career prospects; along with the pros and cons of studying a particular course online. Having knowledge of both the sides of a coin often helps in decision making process of a person, therefore one should look into all the options available by his side to choose the best one.
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    Round upon the choices. Make at least three choices of courses available amongst the program list. Now, round upon one choice to be your subject/program to learn online.
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    Enroll and study hard. Don’t depend upon the last moment preparations, those kinds of things were only applicable at school, now when you are aiming at a degree you should come out along with knowledge too. The mere degree with no knowledge is going to take you nowhere. Also, for the purpose you want this degree is a good job and great salary package. Without having knowledge, one can't survive a job-interview what to talk about promotion.
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    Make a work-study balance schedule. Make a time-table of how to want to take things ahead while working towards your degree. Make out time for your online study sessions either in the evenings or nights after work as per your own convenience. Vice versa, also do not let your work suffer as well; give your best shot in both the arenas of your life, as it will be then only the degree will be a real advantage for you.
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    Take it slowly. The slower, the better. Do not run off to your boss as soon as you get the degree; have a little patience, let the knowledge you gained in your online learning speak and then it may be him who will ask you for it! Same goes for job switches – you cannot aim for a salary which is just make-believe, you ought to be practical while looking for a job-change and it's part of salary negotiation.

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