How to Furnish Your Home on a Tight Budget

On a tight budget? Here's a few tips to help furnish your home:


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    Make a plan.

    • Decide what you'll be doing in each room. Will you be sleeping, studying, dining or entertaining? Can you combine certain functions in one room?
    • What styles and colors do you prefer? Traditional, unique, bold, light or dark colors.
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    Hunt for bargains.

    • Try yard sales, thrift stores, your friends, neighbors and relatives. Look for furniture as well as fabrics.
    • Try quality discount stores, such as Pier 1 Imports, Pottery Barn, Home Outfitters and Home D├ęcor Products.
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    Make or go without furniture. It's green. Take the time to choose tasteful fabrics, paints and other simple finishes.

    • Assess the nearby salvage yard for materials.
    • Assemble a sturdy shelf for a double mattress. Cover it with a beautiful quilt and a variety of cushions. Use it as a couch during the day.
    • Store your wardrobe beneath your bed in cardboard boxes. Cover the bottom of the bed with an elegant curtain.
    • Attach a (folding) shelf to the wall next to your bed to use as a nightstand. Assemble a shelf beneath a window for dining or a desk.
    • Use the base of an old chair as a stool. Attach a cushion with fabric ties.
    • Pile sturdy boxes. Attach a round, square or rectangular board to the top. Cover with an exciting fabric to use as a vanity or end table.
    • Attach a cover to a sturdy box. Place a cushion over the box and use it as a footstool. Store items in the box.
    • Make floor cushions to sit on. Use durable fabrics. Make stuffing from old pillows or fabric.
    • Use your favorite recycled fabric for valance curtains. They don't have to match throughout the room. Add inexpensive, colored mini blinds.


  • A clean home is a beautiful home. Store everything away for a neat appearance.
  • One man's trash is another man's treasure!

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