How to Fumblerooski

Nothing infuriates an opposing football team quite as much as a trick play. This article explains how to fumblerooski.


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    Hike the ball. Have the center hike the football.
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    Have the QB “fumble” the ball. Tell the quarterback to take the ball and place it on the ground — technically a fumble.
    • Since the ball has been “fumbled,” members of the offensive line—particularly the guards—are now legally able to touch it.
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    Have a guard pick up the ball. Have a guard suddenly turn away from the offensive line and pick up the ball.
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    Have the guard run.
    • Have your running back or backs run up one side of the field while the guard runs the opposite direction.
    • Help sell the play by faking a handoff. Fake a handoff between your quarterback and one of the running backs to help bolster the misdirection.
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    Block as needed. Block for the guard as needed. If done quickly and correctly, he should have an open side of the field with no one even watching him.


  • A variation of this play, called the Bumarooski, was successfully used by the San Diego Chargers against the Denver Broncos in the 2006 season.

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