How to Freak Out Your School Friends

With this page, you could either try it to see who your real friends are or just to have some wild, and sometimes downright weird fun. Below are some tips to getting started on your crazy mission! Be prepared to make your friends look like the girl on the right!


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    Over exaggerate your actions. Pretend you are picking a massive wedgie. Fall over on the ground, stay there for 15 seconds, then jump up and say "I'm alright everyone". Better yet, walk with a large step, or opening your mouth large when speaking.
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    Randomness is great! Say random things like "Meep eep a deep" and "Oh snap" when you and your friends are in an awkward silence. Bring a pet rock to school (with googly eyes -- awww!), or give out candy canes to your whole class when it's in the middle of June. Be unpredictable -- everyone will be on the edge of their seats!
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    Dye your hair with a different, crazy colour. Choose colours like bright orange, bright green. You can even get massive fake afro hairdo. For the less daring people, try a less crazy 'do, like if you have blonde hair, dye it brown, or if you have brown hair, bleach it. However, you might get into trouble in some strict schools, but oh well.
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    Have a huge but freakish evil grin on your face. And jump up and down. And say stuff like "I'm a hummingbird" and act like you are a hummingbird.
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    Have a new fake personality. If you were a girly girl or a pretty boy, you could be a Goth to freak everyone at school. Plus, you might make some other Goth friends.The down side is, you might really freak people out.
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    Go to the real extreme! Get some fake blood run it down your arms find a ledge and yell, "You can't stop me! It's over, I'm gonna do it" but this approach is a tad extreme and can get you expelled from school.
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    Alternatively, if you are already known for being slightly crazy, a good way to freak people out would involve acting dull and morose, and uttering things under your breath. Part of the trick is acting different just subtly enough to unnerve, rather than to make them think you are completely crazy.
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    Have imaginary friends. This tends to freak people out. Around your friends you should sit there and talk to your imaginary friend. Call them something out of the blue like: 'Ethel' or 'Lillian-George'. If someone denies that you have an imaginary friend or they sit on him/her, chuck hissy fit or get really angry at them. After yelling, sob to yourself and make the person feel bad. Complain that they have hurt your feelings. WARNING:your mates might think you have a mental problem and send you to an asylum or counsellor. Your parents will freak out too.

Say "teehee" and "meeheehee" repeatedly just for that extra freakishness!

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  • People might think you are insane, but no worries! The next day, act really quiet and don't say much. People will be confused, thus, wanting more from you.
  • Don't do this all in one week, it's too obvious.
  • When turning Goth make sure to talk like one too.
  • If your parents won't let you spray your hairdo the old fashioned hat or hood trick, put it on when you get home and go directly to the bathroom to wash it out.
  • When you're done messing with your parents please make up for the erratic actions


  • You might get in trouble with school officials.
  • This might freak your parents out too and they'll think you need to be checked into an asylum.
  • People might make fun of your rainbow-coloured hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Anything, but most importantly, some crazy and wild personality! Don't be afraid or shy! That's the number one rule!
  • More friends because the ones you have now will definitely stop hanging out with you for behaving in such a way.

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