How to Freak out Your Enemy

When you're being threatened at school or in town, you probably should avoid actually getting in a fight. Here are some clues on how to scare your enemy or offender off.


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    If you're in the hall and some dude is threatening you or trying to get in a fight, AVOID it! And don't rationalize. For example, don't say "Why don't we just talk this out?", or "You don't really wanna fight, right?". Chances are, they'd expect you to say something like that. The key is to freak out or scare your opponent off with words and creepy facial expressions. Oh, and don't forget, STAY CALM! In this technique, you have to flip things around and gain the upper hand, BE the bad guy! Okay, so here's the way you do it:
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    First, keep a neutral face while he's threatening. When he finally shuts up, stare him in the eye, and give the freakiest smirk or smile you can get. You might wanna practice this in the mirror first, then try it out sometime on a friend or family member. If they look disturbed, then you know it's working. If they look amused, then you know you need to work on it. Anyway, make sure they look a little shocked or surprised, then continue.
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    Say something creepy like, "Hurt me, and I'll skin you alive with a cheese grater." He may look more shocked, but then retaliate with another threat, or even make fun of you and your threat. Remember, don't smile when he's talking, just look bored. Grin when he stops rambling, cause he's waiting to hear what you say next. Say some along the lines of, "Just leave me alone, or I'll rip out your throat." Then walk away. Chances are, if you're in school, he won't have the frozen balls to come after you, but if you're in town or something, he may go after you, mainly to show off, or save his pride. Then, you have an excuse for self defense. If he grabs you or something, quickly reach up and grab onto his Adam's apple, then say something like "I keep my word." If you must, go ahead and rip it out. Preferably, just wait till he gives in.
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    Now, there's a possibility you'll be walking around town at night and some hobo or whatever grabs you. Do the same thing. It may be more dangerous, especially if he has a weapon, but just keep confidence, and reason/threaten the dude.


  • Get creative with your threats. The more disturbing and bloody, the better.
  • Try to get your evil smile perfected. Oh, and throw in a chilling laugh or two.
  • Remember not to overdue it
  • Go see if the internet has scary lines to use or if you're not sure if your lines are scary enough ask a friend to help you (most likely a boy)
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your opponent even while your laughing or walking away. A savvy fighter uses anything to get an edge.


  • IMPORTANT! If you can't perfect it well enough, you might end up getting hurt in the long run. Only use this if really necessary.
  • Careful of the other people around. The cops might take your threats to heart and put you to jail or something. There also might be someone around who'll just admit you to an asylum.
  • It's very important to remember that if the offender has a gun, knife, or blunt object, they might just kill you for being psycho. So Stay a further distance if possible.

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