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Never throw away unique calendars that have beautiful pictures suitable for framing. You can take a calendar page, such as a unicorn page, and frame it...and end up with a piece of art that you are proud of. Plus, you can save money on decorating!

The unicorn pictures on the wall are actual calendar pages that are approximately 23 years old.


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    Save any calendar pages that are suitable for framing in a file folder. Keep them in a file cabinet or in a carrying case.
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    Hang on to any frames that can be re-used and made to look like new, with maybe a touch-up of Antique Gold paint. Wooden frames can easily be polished up to look like new, if they are not chipped.
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    You can go to any picture framing shop, such as one at a mall, in order to have your picture matted and framed. You can browse the mall while waiting; even walk the mall for exercise! (This can cost upwards of $75 for one picture, and can easily cost between $150 and $300).
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    Framing the calendar picture yourself isn't a bad idea; however, you may still need for the matte to be specially cut.
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    One problem you may encounter is the hole in the calendar picture. The easiest solution is to go to your local Home Depot, Lowe's, or paint store, and match a paper paint sample to the color surrounding the hole. Attach the color square behind the hole.
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    Getting a picture framed and matted at a specialty store can be extremely expensive. Some art stores sell mat board, and will cut it to size (the outer but not the inner cut). You can then attach the picture on top of the mat board and place it in an appropriate frame.
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    Try some other ideas:
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    Another technique is to cut a sheet of poster board to the size of the frame you are using. Depending on the style of the picture, you can design your own mat using various colors or patterns of paper.
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    Another technique is to cut a sheet of poster board down to size, and then glue fabric of a texture and color that complements the picture, and mount the picture on top of the poster board before framing.
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    Another great idea for old images from calendars is to carefully cut them out and then laminate them. They make 100% unique place-mats! Especially great for kids - you could even put works of art they can choose and then learn about! - or pets since they are easily wiped off.


  • Old English Oil works great at bringing old, wooden frames back to life.
  • The External Link below may give someone more ideas.
  • A framed calendar page can also turn into a treasured gift for someone else, and not a costly one for you!
  • If you're going for an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, and unless you are the type of person that likes gold plated teeth, avoid gold or silver frames unless they are extremely thin, especially in white dominate or bordered pictures; stick to black or wood colors that match your existing furniture and don't mix different colored frames on the same wall or in the same area if at all possible. Try not to mix different sizes on the same wall. If you go for the asymmetrical look, you still need to measure, and do it in good taste!
  • Frames are often very inexpensive at Thrift Shops. Take the picture to the store and look for a frame that fits your image.
  • Most calendar pages are a little off, size-wise, so you may want to go with a larger frame, such as the 11 x 14. Once the picture is applied to the frame with the matte, it will be perfect. If not, trim and shape the calendar picture to the correct size, in order to make it fit.
  • Choose a calendar each year, and help a good cause at the same time. Donations truly help organizations such as the Paralyzed Veterans of American, or the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. At the same time, you obtain a beautiful calendar for that year, which can later become a beautiful, framed piece of art!
  • Pages that are unique to save can range from scenic pictures, such as lakes, stream, or flowers, to collectible replicas of Norman Rockwell paintings from The Saturday Evening Post.
  • Metal frames are easy to paint; normally, one coat of spray paint will do.
  • When you are choosing a matte, be sure that you get just the right color, in order to help accent the is important.
  • For a kid's room, you may want to consider pages such as Betty Boop, dogs, cats, or anything that a child may like...the choices are endless. Some adults may even like some of these suggestions.
  • In reference to #1 above, search the "yellow pages," or a business directory, for a picture framing shop near you.


  • Do not save any pages that you personally feel are duds, for the chances are that someone else will too.
  • Keep in mind how tacky you want all these pictures to be on your walls. Different color frames, gold and silver frames, different size frames, and poor placement contribute to what most would consider a horrid looking wall.
  • Do not give someone else a gift that you personally wouldn't care for...keep things in good taste.

Things You'll Need

  • Frames (8 x 10 or 11 x 14) depending on pictures.
  • (Gold or Wooden) Frames are preferred.
  • Calendars that are out-dated with nice pictures.
  • Photos Mattes (buy or have cut to size).
  • Scissors for trimming calendar pictures.

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