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After watching all the beauty pageants, ending with the Miss World, think how great it would be if you created your own Beauty Pageant, either in your school, or near your own house. Ask friends and family to help, notify the newspapers and ask them to place information about it in their newspapers. Spread the word, and see who shows up.


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    Make a schedule.
    • Pick the perfect year, month, date, and time of the day.
    • Check the weather to see if the day will be good enough. Check to see if you have something scheduled at that time.
    • Make a special "planner" and write the time in it.
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    • Call relatives and friends, and post signs around town.
    • Advertise by placing posters in suitable places and stores.
    • Stop advertising when you get 40 people.
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    Set up a runway.
    • Find a deck without fences on the sides. Buy or build one.
    • Set it up in your backyard.
    • Get a big stereo for the music, and place benches and a cover and make a backstage area.
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    Sell tickets.
    • Advertise as before, and place the information in your local newspapers.
    • Request that guests bring their own chairs.
    • Suggest they bring flowers for the winners.
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    Get judges.
    • Find 4 people who know about fashion and can ask appropriate questions.
    • Make number cards ranging from 1-10.
    • Set up a table outside and 3 chairs for the judges to sit on.
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    Set up a Make-up station.
    • Set aside a room in your house a dressing room.
    • Ask a few beauticians from local beauty salons to volunteer.
    • Suggest that they create hair styles and put make up on the girls.
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    Obtain prizes.
    • Order a trophy, a tiara and a sash.
    • Buy bouquets of flowers.
    • Use the remainder of the money made from selling the tickets as a prize for the winner.
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    Run a smooth pageant day
    • Have the contestants walk on the runway, one at a time. Write their score, 1-10 on a pad for each person's activity.
      • Performance
      • Bathing suit contest.
      • Answering questions about their goals in life.
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    Announce the winner of the contestant that has the highest score.
    • Put on her sash, tiara and hand her the trophy.
    • Play music and everyone claps. The runway, you put her sash, tiara and trophy in her hand and tell the crowd to throw flowers at her.
    • Hand her a big bouquet of flowers.


  • If you want to, add a fashion wear or casual wear category.
  • If you don't have any space in your yard, use the town hall.
  • Determine the date to hold the pageant, after you ask around and make sure that others are not going on vacation, and will be able to participate.
  • The more guests you get the better, but make sure you have enough room for a lot of people.
  • Have an interview, swimsuit, talent, and evening gown portion as a part of the pageant.


  • This will cost a great deal of money, so before you even start advertising, make sure that you can get enough people interested in participating and paying to attend. Make sure you have at least 21 people before you start.

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