How to Form a 2 Person Airsoft Team

If you're planning on doing this do it with someone you can really trust and work good with. This has to do with airsofting, if you don't know how to play airsoft, then this might be difficult and should play more and read more articles.


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    Get used to playing regular airsoft, like get to know your gun, get used to bb's hitting you, objectives, teamwork, patience etc.
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    Chose your all time partner, choose someone who wants to do it with you and is around the same skill level as you. and make sure he has his own ammo, gun/s etc.
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    Practice, even if you play with him all the time in lots of activities/ other sports. still practice new tactics (read following steps)
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    Know that these tactics are optional but will help your team.A. get to know each others gear/guns extremely well.B. in case you run out of ammo and your teammate is out you can use his gun, there`s lots of reasons for that.C. walkie talkies will help you a lot, try playing without them in your 2 man army and try flanking while giving each other info.D. stay together.E. be symmetrical (double flank etc.) but watch your actions.F. and be in normal to great shape.G. step jump, pull each other up etc.H. shock the enemy, suppress (charge sparingly).I. Move your cover. push the box your behind, lots of things can be used as movable cover.
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    Those were the two person tactics, use all the other tactics you know with these, but keep it safe, its only you and your teammate
    • If your "2 man army" is with a larger team (at a party etc.) volunteer as a strike force, retrievers, hostage rescue, raids etc. but still listen to your general
    • Always stay with your partner unless your flanking or other necessary tactics. even when you're with a larger temporary team.
    • If one of you is taken POW, your dead.
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    • Take turns being leader, switch off each match or better, always take turns during a match.
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    Don't assign roles, both of you should know CQB. and both of you cover each other and snipe etc.


  • Only do this with one friend, or else everyone will know your tactics.
  • Use stealth
  • In battle, bring lots of ammo (around 160-2000 per person)
  • Trust your partner...he will cover you.
  • Do not buy cheap guns.
  • play how you want to play (military, halo etc.)
  • Watch your back and don't advance too far unless you have to.
  • Of course you can be on a team with someone else, just don't explain all your tactics.
  • Set traps/ambushes
  • Don't get too serious.


  • Follow the airsoft laws and make your own rules for fun and safety
  • Play in a safe place where you can't hit any pedestrians.
  • Airsoft guns could be dangerous.

Things You'll Need

  • Airsoft guns.
  • Lots of ammo.
  • A good, dedicated friend.

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