How to Force Yourself to Eat Something You Hate

You are invited to a dinner party, and the host serves food that you just hate! Just thinking about it makes you feel sick. You look at it, and wonder how to get rid of it without actually eating it. There is no dog around to serve it to under the table, and you do not want to insult your host so you have to think of ways to eat it, or at least look like you are eating it!


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    Stare at the food you have to eat, and push it over so it does not touch any other food on the plate. Take a bite of something else, and with your fork, push the 'hated' food around, as if you are going eat it. While playing with it, think to yourself, "It isn't going to kill me."
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    Take a forkful of more food on your plate, and again, push around the 'dreaded' food so it looks like you have eaten some. Make sure that when you push it, the plate shows through so it looks like some of it is gone.
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    Try adding a combination of soft foods on your plate together.
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    Add a condiment to solid food to kill the taste and say to yourself 'I can do it' over and over again.
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    Try to seem as if you are enjoying your meal. This won't make your host/hostess feel offended, but keep pushing the hated food around to look as if you are eating it.
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    Cut all solid food into very tiny pieces so you won't choke. Pick up some potatoes with it, and chew it together so you won't taste it.
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    Don't breathe! It sounds silly but many studies suggest that a considerable portion (about 80%) of our sense of flavor depends on our sense of smell. Just remember how dull some meals taste when you have a cold and a stuffy nose. Try not to smell the food and you should be fine. However, be prepared to experience the aftertaste when you finally do breathe through the nose. NOTE: If you eat it like this, it will still feel the same temperature and texture.


  • If the food makes you gag, try cutting it into very tiny pieces, then putting some in your mouth away from your tongue. You then take a big gulp of water and if the food is cut small enough, you can take it like pills!
  • Sip ice cold water in between bites, as this will throw off the taste temporarily and you won't be able to taste some of the food.
  • You do not have to finish everything on your plate. When you feel you cannot stand another bite, then just push the plate slightly away from you, and just sit till others finish.
  • Try holding your nostrils shut. (It helps get rid of some of the taste.)
  • Try plugging your nose, and take away other senses, it will kill the taste, to some people it actually works!
  • Simply tell the host you ate before and are not hungry, be careful to eat none of the other food or else they will get suspicious.
  • If your host/hostess questions you, just tell her that you were beginning to feel full, but never lie about how the food tastes.
  • Do your best to get the least saliva that you can on the food, because saliva fires up the taste buds in your tongue.
  • When you pop the food into your mouth than drink some water with it as well. This way, you will not feel the taste.
  • Plug your nose and bite, you wont be able to taste it!


  • If you hold your nose, people will probably notice.
  • If you have a food allergy or sensitivity, it's better to explain that quietly and privately to your host or hostess and assure them that although the food was tempting, you know better than to eat it because you'll get sick afterward. Systematically test the foods you hate. Eat a little of it at a time you're so hungry that anything is better than nothing, but then write down how you felt for the rest of the day, what happened physically. Strong food dislikes are sometimes conditioned by real physical reactions that vary from person to person. Know the difference between politely accepting an unpleasant flavor and hurting your health by trying to be polite when you have allergies and sensitivities. Sensitivities aren't as strong or dangerous as allergies but they are real.
  • Remember to chew your food well so that you do not choke.

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