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The fondue technique for cooking meat uses hot liquid to cook the desired meat to each diner's preference. You skewer a piece of meat and then allow it to cook in the hot liquid until it is done. You can fondue meats using either oil or broth as the cooking liquid. Cooking times vary based upon the type of meat you choose to fondue.


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    Select a fondue pot.
    • Use a metal, enamelware or cast iron pot to fondue meat. Ceramic fondue pots are best suited to cheese and chocolate fondues.
    • Choose an electric, alcohol or butane powered burner. Fondue pots that use candles as a heat source do not stay hot enough to cook meat.
    • Look for a pot that has edges that curve inward at the top to reduce splashing of hot liquid.
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    Make sure you have enough fondue forks so that each diner has a fork. Fondue forks are long 2-tined forks that are usually color-coded to prevent mix-ups between diners.
    • Prepare bamboo skewers for cooking if you do not have fondue forks. You must soak bamboo skewers for 30 minutes prior to cooking to reduce the chance of burning.
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    Purchase tender cuts if you plan to serve red meat. When you fondue red meat, you typically only cook it for 30 to 60 seconds. Cuts of meat that require braising or roasting will be tough and sinewy if you use them for fondue.
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    Cut up the meat you will fondue into bite-sized pieces.
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    Marinate the meat pieces if you would like to give them more flavor.
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    Refrigerate the meat for the fondue until you are ready for diners to begin cooking it.
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    Choose whether to cook your meat in oil or broth.
    • Consider broth if you want to add more flavor to the meat. You can infuse broth with herbs and spices. Choose a broth that corresponds to the type of meat you are using.
    • Use oil for a more traditional meat fondue. Suitable oil types include vegetable, canola, grapeseed, and peanut. Thoroughly dry meat pieces before cooking to prevent oil from splashing out of the fondue pot.
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    Heat cooking liquid in a heavy bottomed pan on the stove top. The temperature should reach around 375 degrees F (190.5 degrees C). Check the temperature using a deep-frying thermometer.
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    Place a trivet on the table where you will place the fondue pot to protect the table's surface.
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    Transfer heated liquid into the fondue pot. Pour until the pot is 1/3 to 1/2 full. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot liquid.
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    Turn on the fondue burner to keep the cooking liquid at the correct temperature. You want to make sure the liquid remains around 375 degrees F (190.5 degrees C) as this is the ideal temperature for cooking the meat.
    • Re-test the temperature using a deep-frying thermometer if you let the cooking liquid cool at all before transferring it to the fondue pot. Place the thermometer in the hot liquid and note the reading.
    • Use a cube of bread to test the cooking liquid temperature if you are using oil and you don't have a deep-frying thermometer. Toss the bread cube in the hot oil and wait 30 seconds. If it becomes golden brown, the oil is the correct temperature.
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    Show diners how to begin cooking their meat pieces.
    • Skewer a piece of meat with a fondue fork or bamboo skewer.
    • Dip the piece of meat in the cooking liquid. Cook red meat 30 seconds for rare, 45 seconds for medium-rare, or 1 minute for well done. Poultry requires 2 minutes of cooking and lamb and pork 1 minute.
    • Remove the cooked meat from the fondue pot and dislodge it from the fondue fork with a table fork.
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    Eat the meat plain or with a dipping sauce.


  • Plan for 4 people to be able to fondue meat at the same time. If you would like more people to be able to cook simultaneously, use additional fondue pots. Sticking too many fondue forks into the pot at once can lower the temperature of the cooking liquid and affect the cooking process.


  • Don't use fondue forks as eating utensils. They can become very hot and burn you, and it is unhygienic. Always use a regular fork to eat the cooked meat.
  • If you are using oil as the cooking liquid and a fire starts in the fondue pot, smother it with the pot cover. Do not attempt to douse the pot with water as this can spread the fire.

Things You'll Need

  • Fondue pot, base and burner
  • Fondue forks or bamboo skewers
  • Bite-sized pieces of desired meat
  • Heavy bottomed pot
  • Deep-frying thermometer (optional)
  • Dipping sauces

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