How to Follow the Teachings of God

In today's culture, it can be hard to keep faith in God with all that's going on around you. Read on for a few tips on how to follow His teachings and help create a healthy world, as well as a healthy you.


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    Realize the power of God. The whole universe is made by God. He controls each & every thing. From ancient times, God has showed his power everywhere in different languages, in different cultures, and in different places. He always shows the path to His people, but we have to realize the power of God to see it. Nowadays, it is common to see people believe in facts and scientific proof, but there are lots of things even science does not have any answers to. Keep this in mind.
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    Have faith in God. 'Faith' is the foundation of every religion, whether that be Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, or another religion. If you have faith in God, He will show His power. Our faith should not be shaken due to delay or a negative time; always remember that He will be there eventually.
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    Explore the teachings. It doesn't matter what religion you are following. Every religion is made for welfare of people. Deeply explore the teachings of your religion, and try to understand each and every thing. It will give you answers to a lot of your questions and help you be faithful in the future.
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    Follow the messages of God. It is proven that God always give His teachings and messages to all people in every religion. God shows us the path to follow messages or teachings to survive our lives. But somehow, some people don't interpret the messages correctly and start to go the wrong way. Be sure to believe in him and follow his teachings in every way you can - it will make you a better person, religiously and in other ways.
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    Spread the messages. We should spread the messages of God all over the world. All religions give teachings of love and peace. Nowadays, modernization is controlling our people and often causing hard times where faith is slipping away. Let them know that God is always there, that machines and technology of today do not control us, but we control them. It's our responsibility to create an environment for the future, so keep this in mind.

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