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Decora is a Japanese fashion style also known as "Dekora" or "Decorer". Decora style consists of bright colors, wild hair clips and bows, and tons of layering and accessories. The accessories include plastic toys and jewelry, which click together and make noise as the wearer moves. The style is sometimes mistakenly called "Fruits-style" by people not from Japan.


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    Don't be afraid to go to thrift stores or shop at cheap stores at the mall. Decora thrives on layers, which means having a full closet with lots of versatile items such as cardigans, hoodies, and tank tops.
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    Experiment with cute fabrics- browse fabric stores for cute pattern and frill and create your own skirts, tanks or pants.
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    Shopping online is huge for a non-Japanese Decora, and to get good deals. Stores such as, and are good staring points.
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    Search for glitter eyeshadow and sticker tattoos- anything that will make you brighter.
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    Don't go out wearing Decora until you have enough accessories and layers to fit your tastes. It will look very incomplete.
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    Put clips, extensions and bows in your hair. The more the better. You may buy some from, or many sellers on sell adorable hair accessories.
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    Wear colorful arm bangles and necklaces. Wear a ton. Make sure they co-ordinate with the colors of your clothes.
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    Layer, layer, layer. This is what really brings the Decora look together. In winter, layer t-shirts with sweaters, hoodies, and cute jackets. For the summer, stay cool while still looking cool and Decora by layering several tank tops with different cute colors and prints. Skirts are great for Decora because they can be layered well with tops, leggings, pants, and many other great items - try bright tulle skirts or colorful short skirts, layered with cute brightly colored leggings or stockings.
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    To help prevent burning out peoples eyes and even more rude comments, put your outfit up on a LJ or similar community for Decora to get feedback.
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    Carry plushies or small toys if you want to go more extreme - plushies and small plastic toys are very integral to the Decora look in Japan. Extreme Decora-chans will often wear many small toys from a belt or necklace so that they click together and make noise as you move. Backpacks and cute bags are also great, favorites are strawberry shaped purses or Pikachu backpacks.
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    Fashionable nails are very common in most of the Japanese fashions. Try to find some colorful press-ons at a pharmacy or online.
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    Don't just throw everything together! The main difference between a good and bad Decora is matching. Some people say mix and match, which is right, but keep a colour scheme, e.g. wear only blue or wear white with pink accessories, etc.


  • Remember, Decora can also include black, as long as it still follows the Decora aesthetic of extreme layering and excessive hair accessories. Try adding an accent color such as yellow or pink to brighten up your coordinate and make it more pleasing to the eye. Without these important factors, your outfit is much more likely to be mistaken for emo, punk, goth, or other more well know fashions.
  • Do not expect anyone to know what a "Decora" is. The fashion is largely unknown outside of Japan and will be met with everything from polite curiosity to insults. Explain politely that you're wearing Japanese street fashion called Decora, and answer any questions as long as the asker returns your politeness.
  • Don't have money for expensive accessories from the internet? You can find really cute hair accessories in the little girl's hair care section too.


  • Be prepared to be asked to be taken pictures with.
  • Be prepared for people to randomly take your picture without asking. It's extremely common, try to not be too surprised.
  • Be prepared to give up Decora on certain occasions, such as school or work.
  • Be prepared to spend a long time perfecting an outfit. Some Decora girls take up to 4 hours before they are satisfied with an outfit!
  • Be prepared for staring and ugly comments. This is very, very common.

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