How to Fold Bath Towels

Three Methods:Bath towels and Bath SheetsHand TowelsWashcloths, Facecloths and Fingertip Towels

To ensure bath towels fit neatly and store well after washing and drying, be sure to fold them correctly. In this tutorial, learn how to fold towels the way stores and hotels do for display and storage.

Method 1
Bath towels and Bath Sheets

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    Hold each towel by the corners on the same side of the shorter edge.
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    Fold the towel two-thirds of the way to the end. The area not "covered" will be approximately the resulting size of the folded towel.
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    Take the end facing you (the rounded or curved end) and meet that edge to the newly created edge at the two thirds mark.
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    Fold again so the first layer is positioned over the other layers.
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    Take the rectangular shape and fold into thirds.
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    Now you have a store quality fold!

Method 2
Hand Towels

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    Hold the towel by its corners on the same side of the longest edge.
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    Bring those corners together, folding in half. Ensure that all edges are tightly parallel.
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    Holding the folded edge, fold the towel in thirds.
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    Place on the shelf or in a cabinet with the folded sides facing out.

Method 3
Washcloths, Facecloths and Fingertip Towels

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    Lay the towel down on a clean smooth surface.
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    Fold it in half once.
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    Fold in half once again and you are finished.


  • This method folds the towels in thirds, which allows you to show the trim as part of the display feature (this is especially effective when placed on the bed for guests, etc.). It also means that the towels can be hung with the vertical folds in place.[1]
  • You can also fold towels in a triangle shape using this same basic method.
  • Thinner towels are better off being folded many times.[2]
  • You could also make an elephant, a monkey, a bunny, a swan, and so forth, if you're wanting to display the towels on guest beds or in the bathroom.
  • This method is also applicable to dish towels and tea towels.

Things You'll Need

  • Various types of towels.


  1. Prior to folding, ensure that all towels are completely dry. Storage of towels that even only slightly damp can encourage the growth of mildew on the towels and associated stored linen.

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