How to Fold an Obaby Pushchair

Three Methods:Single and Double PushchairsTandem StrollerTriple Stroller

Obaby is a manufacturer based in the United Kingdom that makes products for babies and toddlers, including highchairs, pushchairs, and bedding. A pushchair is the equivalent to a baby stroller in the United States. Their pushchairs range from basic wheeled chairs all the way to a triple stroller, which can accommodate 3 children. All the pushchairs are designed for easy storage and set up. There are a few different ways the pushchairs fold depending on whether they are single chairs, tandem, or triple strollers. Follow these steps to fold your Obaby pushchair.

Method 1
Single and Double Pushchairs

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    Locate the red release locks on a single or double pushchair. There will be 1 red lever in the back of the stroller and 1 along the right side. Set the seat fully upright and fold the hood back. Remove anything from the seat or the storage area and lock the front wheels to help stop the pushchair from rolling as you close it.
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    Pull the back red lever out and lift up. This will allow the metal joints to relax. Press down on the side red lever with your foot, releasing the rest of the metal joints. Push forward on the pushchair handles. The baby stroller will fold in half with the handles resting near the front tires and the back tires will lay flat.
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    Lock the storage locks in place. These locks are located on the handles and clasp onto the front legs of the chassis. Lift the folded pushchair by the handles. The Obaby pushchair will now be easily stored in the trunk or your car or in a closet until the next use.

Method 2
Tandem Stroller

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    Flip up and hold the red safety catches, located on the sides of the handlebars, and simultaneously lift up on the black quick release levers. Push down as you are pulling on the levers and the stroller will collapse backward toward you.
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    Lift up on the metal bar that is located on the underside of the stroller seat. The locking clip is located on the side and will hook around a metal knob to secure into a locked position. To better fold this type of pushchair, quick release the front swiveling wheel, which will collapse the front arm down for a flatter folded unit.

Method 3
Triple Stroller

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    Lift up on the 3 gray loops on the back of the stroller seats and step on the red release lever on the back to relax the metal joints. Fold forward with effort as the bigger unit will take more force to close.
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    Secure the stroller closed using the red clips on the 2 center handles. These will clasp onto the center of the front leg chassis to lock the stroller closed.


  • A tandem pushchair is a single pushchair with 2 wheels on the back and 1 central wheel on the front.
  • For storage in a compact car, you may need to remove the wheels. Each wheel has a quick release lever and they are easily removed.

Things You'll Need

  • Obaby pushchair
  • Obaby owner's manual

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