How to Fold a Towel the "YMCA Way"

Do you want to fold like a professional? Are you tired of the unsightly piles of unfolded towels? Perhaps you just want to make your mom proud. Follow these simple steps to do just that.


  1. Image titled LayOutTowel Step 1
    Lay out a towel on a flat surface.
  2. Image titled TurnParallel Step 2
    Turn one of the short edges parallel to your body.
  3. Image titled LiftCorner Step 3
    Grasp the corners of the near edge.
  4. Image titled FoldinHalf Step 4
    Fold the towel in half (hamburger* style).
  5. Image titled GraspFoldedEdge Step 5
    Grasp the folded edge.
  6. Image titled FoldinHalfAgain Step 6
    Fold it in half again the same way (hot dog** style).
  7. Image titled MentallyThird Step 7
    Mentally divide the towel into equal thirds.
  8. Image titled FoldinLeftThird Step 8
    Fold the left third onto the middle third.
  9. Image titled FoldinRightThird Step 9
    Fold the right third on top of the stacked middle/left thirds.
  10. Image titled FlipOver Step 10
    Flip the towel over carefully so the top is now the bottom.


  • Make sure edges are lined up to ensure an even fold.
  • Hot-dog means long end to long end.
  • Hamburger means short end to short end.
  • Smooth the towel between each fold for the best result.

Things You'll Need

  • Towel (bath or sweat)
  • Flat surface

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