How to Fly in a Lucid Dream

Have you ever daydreamed about soaring through the sky, completely free? If you learn to control your dreams (lucid dreaming), it's easy. However, one of the biggest problems for beginners seems to be an inability to fly.


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    Before you try to fly, make sure your lucidity is clear. Try repeating affirmations out loud, such as "This is a dream," and "I am lucid," If your mind is hazy and murky it will be harder to control the dream.
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    Now, find a good spot to fly. It should be free of obstacles and dangerous objects. Although you can fly from anywhere, it may be easier to find something to jump off of or to launch yourself.
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    Just fly. Without thinking about it too much, just run and jump into the air with energy. Flying should be like walking. When walking, you don't think about putting one foot in front of the other. You just walk. Flying should be the same, a natural movement that you don't have to consciously consider. Don't consider the physics of it, just run, jump, and fly.
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    Maintain your flight. Many rookies experience the freedom of flying and soar away, only to look down, notice how high up they are, and fall to the ground. The problem is the nature of dreams. Whatever you focus on in a dream is automatically drawn towards you, so don't let yourself focus on the ground or you'll fall. If you notice the height just accept it and move on. Remember that nothing can hurt you in a dream. Feel confident- you can fly if you choose to!
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    Have fun. Many lucid dreamers like to try aerial acrobatics and tricks such as dives, loop the loops, and rolls. Draw on roller coaster and the graceful movement of birds for inspiration. Or try just flying and looking at the scenery. You can also try super-fast flight or using flight to navigate obstacle-filled environments.


  • You may also want to try using a magical object to help you fly. Try broomsticks, jet packs, magic carpets, or even ride on a dragon. The power of your belief can turn even the most ordinary objects into flight aids. Or try using a real-life object that you already know flies, like an airplane or a hang glider.
  • Above all, believe that you can do it and you will.

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