How to Flowchart Your Job

You may be wondering why you would want to flowchart your job(s). It is a good tool for making sure you are on, or stay on, track, for you to see where there might be any 'gaps', and also it could help you to get the raise that you have been wanting. Read this wiki to discover more.


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    Decide how you are going to chart it. Some of the ways to start looking at it, before you actually flowchart it, are:
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    Look at your job in an objective way. Consider it the way someone walking in the door would when they tried to figure out just how you did the job.
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    Break it down into 'actionable' steps, like you are writing a wikiHow article on it. E.g.:
    • Check and process email
    • Review objectives/requirements for the day, etc.
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    Be prepared to take 'two steps forward and one step back' (or even the reverse)...a lot. In the process, you will be amazed at the steps involved in your job that you do by rote.
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    Be prepared to update it often. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. That is the advantage to using software. Much easier to change.


  • Knowing more precisely what you do at work can increase your knowledge and value to your organization and yourself.
  • Even if you don't know how to flowchart something; learning how to, can add to your value at work.

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