How to Flash a Juniper CTP Compact Flash Card

This serves as a detailed procedure guide to reformat the Juniper CTP compact flash cards. Procedure is written using 4.3R2 ctp image and 2.2R2 ctpview server.


  1. 1
    Download ctp image file from Juniper's website
  2. 2
    Power ctpview server
  3. 3
    Connect a laptop nic to ctpview server nic via crossover cable
  4. 4
    Establish secure file transfer session with ctpview server from laptop
  5. 5
    Copy downloaded ctp image file previously downloaded from laptop into ctpview server's /var/www/html/flash directory
  6. 6
    Login to ctpview server
  7. 7
    Connect compact flash card reader to ctpview server
  8. 8
    Remove rear cpu module from ctp system
  9. 9
    Remove compact flash card from cpu board
  10. 10
    Insert compact flash card into compact flash card reader
  11. 11
    Change to root in ctpview server by issuing the "su" command followed by password
  12. 12
    Change directory to sbin by issuing the "cd /sbin/" command
  13. 13
    Format the compact flash card by issuing the "fdisk /dev/sdc" command
  14. 14
    Then press d then enter then 1 to delete partition 1
  15. 15
    Then press d then enter then 2 to delete partition 2
  16. 16
    Then press d to delete partition 3
  17. 17
    Then press w to write changes
  18. 18
    Create a ext2 filesystem by issuing the "mkfs.ext2 /dev/sdc" command
  19. 19
    Hit enter to confirm file name
  20. 20
    Mount the compact flash file system by issuing the "mount -t ext2 /dev/sdc /mnt/flash" command
  21. 21
    Navigate to the /var/www/html/flash/ directory by issuing the "cd /var/www/html/flash/" command
  22. 22
    Edit the burn_flash script by issuing the "nano ./burn_flash" command
  23. 23
    Then scroll down to the #FLASH="/dev/sd*" line
  24. 24
    Edit the line as follows
  25. 25
  26. 26
    Press CTRL-X to exit
  27. 27
    Press y to save changes
  28. 28
    Reformat the flash by issuing the "./burn_flash 4.3R2" command
  29. 29
    Then enter y to verify /dev/sdc usb device
  30. 30
    Then wait for command to finish
  31. 31
    Unmount the compact flash card by issuing the "unmount /dev/sdc" command
  32. 32
    Remove the compact flash card from the reader
  33. 33
    Insert the compact flash card back into the ctp cpu module
  34. 34
    Insert the ctp cpu module back into the ctp system
  35. 35
    Power on the ctp system and DONE!

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