How to Fix a Leak in Your Sink

Many times, we face problems with our sinks. Sinks need to be repaired. After all, the entire kitchen might look messy if the sink is not repaired, which doesn't give a good impression to visitors in your house. No worries! Before seeking for help, look at the following steps which might help you to fix the leak.


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    Check all the parts and identify the fault in the sink. Examining properly will help to you rectify at the earliest.
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    Remove all the stuff inside the sink and get a flashlight to find the area of leakage.
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    If there is a puddle, be sure to drain it, since you might not feel very comfortable looking for a leak in a puddle. At the same time, a new puddle might also help you to find the leakage.
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    Turn off the water supply. In case of heavy leakage, the water might wet your floor. In severe circumstances, it could drench the whole house even; sometimes touching the electricity connections too.
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    In case you find the problem out of your reach, or you are unable to identify the fault, your local plumber is there to help you. Please contact a plumber and rely on them for the rest. Instead of wasting your time, seek help from the professionals at the earliest.


  • Due to leakage, the floorboard - which is usually made out of wood and located under the sink - may be spoiled. The waste water leakage can also contribute to the smell. Slowly, this smell will pass on the other rooms as well. The smell could cause trouble breathing. Fix it as soon as possible.
  • The leak should be fixed as quickly as possible.

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