How to Fit Ski Boots

Ski boots can be rented from trip to trip, or they can be bought and kept through the years. A good fit is important in either case. Renters want to know that the borrowed equipment is going to function without causing unnecessary injury, and purchasers want to know that the equipment they are investing in is going to last through many years of worry-free skiing. This is how to fit ski boots.


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    Choose a mondo size that relates to your shoe size. Mondo sizes are the sizes in which ski boots come.
    • Use a chart online or in a sports shop or ski shop to decide which mondo size is the closest to your shoe size.
    • Ask to try on the mondo size you have identified and the size above and below it.
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    Place your foot into the ski boot, and pound your heel into the corner of the boot at least 3 times on the ground. This helps adjust your foot to the proper placement inside the boot.
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    Fasten the ski boot around your foot and leg and then stand up.
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    Bend your leg at the knee to find out how the ski boot fits. You'll want to retain a natural skiing posture.
    • Feel where your toes are in the ski boot. Your toes should just barely pull back from brushing the front of the boot when your knees are bent. Your heels should maintain contact with the rear corner of the boot.
    • Ensure that the ski boot is snug, but not painfully tight.
    • Try on the other sizes if you have doubts about the boot that you have already put on your foot.
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    Put on the other ski boot when you find a size that you think you like to make sure that both boots feel good on both feet.
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    Walk around the shop in the ski boots to ensure that they stay comfortable in motion and over time.


  • Wear the socks you plan to ski in when you try on ski boots because they will give you the best indicator of fit for when you head out on the mountain.
  • Feet can swell during the day, so trying on boots in the afternoon or evening can be beneficial because that is when your feet will be at their largest. You would not want to buy boots that are too small and have your feet swell while you are skiing only to make your boots uncomfortable.
  • If you are buying ski boots, as opposed to renting, you may want to look into custom insoles. Ski shops and sport shops can help you fit thermal-formable insoles that will fit your feet in particular.
  • Also for the boot purchaser, some pairs of feet are not the same size and boots can be adjusted to fit feet that vary slightly in size. It is recommended that you buy the boots that fit the smaller foot, and have the ski shop or sport shop adjust the other boot to fit the larger foot.

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