How to Fit in at a Bronx School

If you are new to the Bronx and you're starting school in a few days, this article is definitely for you. This will show you what exactly to do when you want to fit in or maybe even be popular/cool with the students that attend already. This article is mainly for guys.


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    Find out the styles/lingo of the Bronx. If you have a Facebook, Instagram, etc, look up people in the Bronx, and see what they're wearing. Many of them tend to wear cargo pants, True Religion Jeans, Polo (by RALPH LAUREN) shirts, Hollister collar shirts, Abercrombie shirts, Armani Exchange, and many others. To make it easy, go to a local mall. Avoid stores like GAP, Old Navy, Hot Topic, Spencers, Walmart, Target, etc.
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    Get a nice shoe collection. You don't have to have a billion shoes in your closet, but avoid wearing the same shoes every day. This is a big part of your wardrobe. Jordans are a great option. Look up types of Jordans online. If you're new to this, buy any Jordan 1's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 7's, 9's, 11's, or 13's. Don't buy any shoe that has the Jordan logo. Also, you might want to buy a pair of low top Chuck Taylors. Believe it or not, these reasonably priced shoes are a big recurring style in the Bronx.
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    Complete your schoolwork, but don't become a geek. Completing your work and becoming a geek are two completely different things. Completing your work is meeting deadlines, getting A's and B's, showing your smart, taking notes etc, is okay. However, raising your hand for every question, correcting the teacher, and never stopping studying shows your a geek, which people don't like. But completing your work is better for you because your parents will be happy and most likely will try to buy you more clothes, and people won't think your stupid.
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    Watch sports, and popular TV shows. Watching the New York Knicks would be good for you because many people in this city play basketball. Also, if you want to, join a baseball team on the side. This will fit you in with the Dominicans later on. As many people know, Dominicans excel in Baseball more than almost any race. And in the Bronx, you will meet a lot of Dominicans.
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    Listen to rap music. Learn to enjoy Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Chief Keef, A$AP Rocky, etc. music

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