How to Fit a Roller Blind

Fitting a roller blind is a project anyone can tackle, even if the blind has to be cut to fit. If you can use a screwdriver and can drill a hole, you're ready. Just follow this step by step guide.


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    Buy the blind. Buy a ready-made blind to fit the window or get one slightly larger which will need cutting to size (see step 4).
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    Mark a level line. Hold the blind up where you want it. Have someone check that it is in the right position (usually you will be too close to it to get that view).
    • Mark the level line where it is going to sit; ideally this should be positioned about 4–5 centimeter (1.6–2.0 in) above the window. If you aren't sure that it is sitting straight just by looking, use the spirit level to check it.
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    • Use the end brackets to mark the screw hole positions as you are holding the blind in place (best done with two people, one holding, one marking), at equal distances from the centre of the window.
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    Install the brackets. Check that each bracket is on the correct side; they are usually different each end (as one takes the scrolling cord). To be sure, check the instructions supplied with the blind.
    • Drill holes where the bracket screws are to be inserted.
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    • Insert wall plugs (if needed) and secure the brackets with screws. If you are fitting the blind to a wood surround rather than masonry, you can screw directly into the wood (start the hole first with a bradawl), and no drilling or wall plugs are needed.
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    Adjust the blind. If you're lucky, the blind will fit exactly. If the blind you have purchased is too long or wide, you can cut cut the roller and the blind to fit.
    • Measure the distance between the brackets, then deduct the amount stated on the instructions supplied.
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    • Unroll the blind. Mark and cut the roller and the lath (the strip of wood or metal at the bottom) using a hacksaw.
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    • Mark and cut the blind with sharp scissors.
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    • Push the end plug and side control into the ends of the roller (making sure they are on the correct sides), then slot the blind into the brackets.
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    Finish up. Slide the blind into place on the brackets. Check that it is sitting straight and that the length is good. Pull the blind up and down to check that the cord or other mechanism is working properly. Tidy up any loose ends, such as a cord that is dangling down too low (these can usually be adjusted using the little snaps that are already fitted on them).


  • If you don’t want the fuss of cutting the roller to fit, order a made-to-measure blind.
  • If you can't find a blind you like, you can make one using your own fabric, a roller blind kit, and fabric stiffener.
  • When cutting down a blind that has a central pull string, you’ll need to trim from both sides or the cord will not hang centrally.
  • Fitting the blind inside the recess requires exact measurements, but you can be more flexible with the blind size if you fit the roller outside the recess.
  • If you buy a used blind, be sure to clean it first.

Things You'll Need

  • Ready-made roller blind (screws and wall plugs are usually supplied)
  • Stepladder
  • Metal measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Spirit level
  • Screwdriver
  • Small hacksaw
  • Sharp scissors

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