How to Finish Homework Without Getting Overwhelmed

Students, especially those in high school or college, can receive copious amounts of homework each day. Sometimes, it can be difficult and stressful to complete, however, when utilizing the strategies in this article, homework can be completed easily so you can maintain your GPA and your mental health.


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    Pick a table in an area free of distraction.
    • Don't sit on the couch or an area where you could easily turn on the TV or take a nap. You may feel relaxed then, but when you are up late doing your homework, you will regret that hour of TV.
    • If you must use your laptop or computer, set up a free, timed website blocker on all social media sites and any other websites that could distract you from your work.
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    List your assignments in order from most important to least. This will generally be the order you complete the tasks in that way if worst comes to worst and you must leave an assignment incomplete, it will be the least important.
    • Include to the side an estimated amount of time it will take you to complete each assignment. Leave yourself a realistic amount of time to do each one.
    • Rearrange your list in such a way that a short yet high priority item is first. It can be discouraging to pick the most difficult and time consuming assignment first and get stuck on it. This is an easy way to get started.
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    Do all assignments in 15-30 minute intervals. Sitting on an assignment for too long can ultimate slow you down making your study time less effective.
    • Take breaks every 15 -30 minutes depending on how much work you have and how difficult it is. If the particular assignment you're doing is very strenuous, you may want to take a break every 15 minutes. If it is longer yet not as difficult, work for 30 minute intervals.
    • Breaks should be 5 minutes. During these breaks, eat a healthy snack, go to the bathroom, do jumping jacks, etc. Do NOT think about the school work. Allow your mind to breathe for a few minutes.
    • After completing the homework for an entire subject, take a 7-10 minute break if you'd like. During this, put the things away for the newly completed assignment and pull out the next assignment. Then do as you would do during a 5 minute break or maybe something that takes a little more time.
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    Keep Going! While this method may not allow you to complete your homework in record time, you will be able to finish relaxed and confident in your work. Overall, this method will keep your stress levels down which is important for every aspect of your life!
    • Finishing your homework and getting good grades will make you feel good about yourself. Don't be discouraged by the piles of homework, just go in with a plan and you will succeed!


  • Make sure your family members, if they are home, know that you will be doing your homework and would like few to no distractions
  • Don't procrastinate! Go to your desk as SOON as you get home. You may grab a water and a snack but do not start conversations, sit down, etc.
  • Record any shows you don't want to miss. If a special or episode that you want to watch will be on TV while you're doing you're homework, don't try to procrastinate your work and use it as an excuse to take a longer break. If you've recorded the show, you can watch it as a reward when you finish your work!
  • Don't check social media during your breaks. 5 minutes can quickly turn into 10 or 20 minutes if you're not careful. Especially when doing a task such as homework. Unless you have a question related to homework, put your phone somewhere out of reach.
  • Make a playlist of songs that will keep you going while you do your homework. If you have a playlist of the perfect songs, you won't have to get up to change it. It can be whatever will make you happy yet not distract you from your work.


  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself! Your mental health is more important than your grade point average or your class rank. It is OK to turn an assignment in one day late or after school in order to get a good night's sleep. Putting pressure on yourself will ultimate lessen the quality of your work and your life overall during the school year.
  • Don't be afraid to seek out a tutor or go to your teacher's tutorials. Feeling behind in the class and getting stuck in homework can lower your self esteem and increase the time required to finish your homework (two things you don't want)! Ask for help so that you can work efficiently on all assignments.

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