How to Finish a Phone Conversation Without Being Rude

Always treat others with respect. Learn to politely end a phone conversation.


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    In most situations, you can simply wait for your caller to pause between sentences and state that you must end your conversation. Then both parties can politely end their thoughts, say good-bye and disconnect.
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    A caller that does not respond to normal etiquette may be more difficult to handle in a polite manner.
    • When you begin a phone conversation with someone likely to keep you on too long, set a limit. "I can only talk for 15 minutes."
    • When you get close to the end of the conversation, give a small warning, "I only have 3 more minutes."
    • When you have reached the end of the conversation, respectfully excuse yourself and hang up, by saying something along the lines of "Sorry, but I gotta go. See you later."


  • Do not lie to get off the phone. Use completely honest reasons that you cannot talk longer (It was wonderful talking, and...):
    "I talked way too long yesterday."
    "I am way behind on laundry."
    "I need to study."
    "I need some quiet time."
    "I need to get ready for my big day."
    "I'm walking the dog."
    "I need to exercise."
    "My ear hurts."
    "Someone else wants to use the phone."
    "I need to use the bathroom."
  • If appropriate, end with a short but sweet "let's talk sometime soon, take care/goodbye."
  • You could just try telling them you need to go.
  • It is rude to make your friend or family member feel as if he/she/they are annoying or boring you. Right before you conclude your conversation with someone try to convey that it was wonderful talking with them.

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