How to Fingerpaint

Finger painting is enjoyed by many, particularly young children, because it does not require any instructions to enjoy. Finger painting is simply painting with fingers, and instead of using a brush, a child dips his or her fingers into a pot or jar of finger paint. This activity teaches children about art. Since fingerpaint pots come in various colors, children not only learn about colors but also how to change the look of their painting by adding or blending colors. While this type of art is mostly enjoyed by children, it can be used skilfully by adults as well, when it becomes a high art form, such as in the case of Ken Done, whose paintings fetch many thousands of dollars.[1]


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    Spread out sheets of newspaper on the floor.
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    Put on an apron to keep your clothes clean. Finger painting is great fun but very messy. Place a bowl of water and put to one side. Open the jars of various colors of finger paint, and place these on the side too.
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    If you don't have finger paints you can use poster paints.
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    Tear out a sheet from the white pad and place on top of the newspaper. This will become your canvas. It is best to use shiny white paper but any will do. Dip fingers first in water and allow to drip off. Wet the paper canvas with the water lightly. Too much water will cause paints that are overly thinned out.
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    Choose a finger paint color , dip your fingers in the paint and then to the paper canvas.
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    Smear hands or fingers all over the canvas in any direction or shape you desire and have fun. It really is this easy.
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    Place the canvas on another newspaper to dry after finger painting time is over.
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  • Play with the paints. Create some great abstract art. Allow to dry and frame it and hang it on the wall.
  • food coloring
  • Fingerpainting can be enjoyed by the very young, and the very old.
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 2 cups cold water
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • Make your own paints instead of buying them. It is works just as well, and can save money.[2]
  • The art is Fingerpaint. The jars are called Finger Paint. Therefore you are using finger paint, to Fingerpaint.[3]
  • Finger painting is very therapeutic and calming for those who are stressed or live alone or are house bound, such as the elderly or the infirm.
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    To make the art shaded, or or various colors merged into others, use a piece of tissue paper, and just rub lightly over the paints on the canvas, creating shapes and light and dark colors.


  • Can be addictive for adults. The more you do, the better art you can create.

Things You'll Need

  • jars of different colored finger paints
  • aluminum tins, one for water and others for paints
  • clothe to wipe hands
  • newspaper to place on the floor
  • any media that you might want to use to add texture
  • white shiny art pad to paint on

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