How to Find Your Ring Size

Three Methods:Printable Ring SizerFinding Your Ring Size Using Paper or StringFinding Your Ring Size Using a Ring

While the most precise way to find your ring size is to have a jeweler do it, you can easily do it at home. Whether you're sizing your finger to buy a ring online, or want to surprise your sweetie with an engagement ring, these two methods have you covered.

Printable Ring Sizer

Ring Sizer

  • This ring sizer works for an 8"x11" piece of paper. Be sure your page scaling is set to "none."

Method 1
Finding Your Ring Size Using Paper or String

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    Cut a strip of paper or a piece of string. The paper strip should be approximately 1/2" wide, and 5" long.
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    Wrap the paper or string around the finger to be sized. Slide the paper or string up to the knuckle, as the ring must be sized large enough to able to slip off and on, over the knuckle.
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    Use a pen to mark the string or paper where the long end overlaps.
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    Measure the mark from the end of the length of paper or string with a ruler. Use the metric side for more accurate sizing.
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    Locate your ring size by locating your measurement on the printed chart. If the measurement falls in between two sizes, it is recommended that you choose the larger size.

Method 2
Finding Your Ring Size Using a Ring

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    Locate a circular ring sizing chart. Most reputable online jewelry retailers offer printable charts. The chart will show a number of circles of different sizes.
    • In order to ensure that the size chart is not distorted in printing, many sites will ask that you place a penny on a printed penny icon to check that scaling is accurate.
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    Find a ring you would like to size. Choose a ring that fits snugly, but not tight. As every finger on each hand is a slightly different size, the ring you choose should be for the intended finger.
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    Place your ring over the circles on the chart. Match the inside of the ring to the nearest in size. If you are in doubt, it is suggested that you opt for a slightly larger size.


  • Some online sites do not require printing at all.
  • Certain metal rings cannot be resized, while others have resizing limitations. Consult your jeweler if you have any questions or concerns.
  • It is suggested that you measure warm fingers at the end of the day to ensure they are at their largest, or most swollen.
  • Your fingers might also swell if you're pregnant or taking certain medications. Take this into account when measuring your fingers.
  • Most jewelry stores will only charge once for resizing, even if the ring needs to be resized multiple times. A reputable store should not charge you separately for every attempt.
  • If shopping for a wedding band, find out whether your ring is a "comfort fit" band. Comfort fit, while much more comfortable, can sometimes affect your ring size. Let your jeweler know if you are planning to purchase a comfort fit ring.

Things You'll Need

  • Ring sizing chart
  • String or paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Rings to be measured

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