How to Find Ways of Making Money Outside a Traditional Job

In today's increasingly connected world, capital, labor, and information are becoming ever more mobile. One of the results of this process is that traditional patterns of employment and wage earning are loosening up, and new ways of earning a living are becoming possible. If you feel stifled in your current job or simply want some extra spending money, use the tips below to find ways of making money outside a traditional job.


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    Sell off your unused possessions. This is a quick and simple way to earn cash outside of your job, but of course it cannot be sustained indefinitely. Assess your current possessions and determine which, if any of them, you could part ways with. Examples include neglected music or video game collections, stored furniture and décor, books, musical instruments, and collectables that no longer interest you.
    • The Internet offers several avenues for selling unwanted possessions. High-value items are best sold through auction sites like eBay, while large or low-value items are better sold to local buyers using Craigslist.
    • Some possessions can be sold in retail stores. Secondhand stores may purchase your books, music, and video games. Consignment stores may be willing to accept your furniture and décor.
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    Open an online store to make money. Selling things in an online storefront allows you to turn a creative hobby into a money-making endeavor. You can sell homemade crafts online, design tee shirts and other soft goods to sell online, or eventually run an entire retail business through the Internet.
    • Websites like Etsy, which bills itself as a marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, are excellent for selling your own crafts. Paintings, knitted goods, and other homemade crafts are best sold through this site.
    • Other websites, such as Zazzle, allow you to add images or text to soft goods like shirts and tote bags. These goods are then sold through your storefront; you never have to actually make, package, and ship any of the products.
    • While eBay is primarily known as an auction site, many retail stores and individuals maintain permanent storefronts on the website. An example project might be fixing up vintage electronics found in thrift stores and selling them at a markup on eBay.
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    Write web content for money. While web writing has become an increasingly crowded field, it still offers many channels for making money outside your job. The key requirements for making money by writing web content are adequate writing skills, creativity, and a basic knowledge of Internet marketing and web design.
    • Perhaps the most appealing way to earn money writing is by starting a blog. By attracting traffic to your blog, you can earn money through ad revenue and affiliate marketing links. However, it is a very time-intensive and challenging process to earn enough traffic to make appreciable sums of money.
    • Another way to make money is by writing for article database or brokerage sites. Sites that compile huge databases of user-submitted articles include Squidoo, InfoBarrel, and HubPages. You can earn money writing for these sites based on the traffic your articles get. You can also write for brokerage services such as TextBroker, which pairs writers with clients who need specific articles written.
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    License your photography. If you take a moment to peruse magazine advertisements and product packaging, you'll notice an abundance of photographs. These photographs are typically sold to royalty-free image licensing services by photographers, from which they are purchased by clients. If you are a skilled photographer and already own the adequate equipment, you can try selling your photos to image licensing sites such as iStockphoto.
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    Offer pet care or child care services. There is a very durable market for dependable child, pet, and house sitters. To make money offering services like these, join a website such as, which offers clients the security of background checks and references. Making money caring for others' pets or children will become easier as you establish a small client base that is willing to vouch for you.


  • The key to making money outside of your job is to assess what you have that is valuable. If you are knowledgeable about a certain subject, consider offering courses, consulting, or private lessons. If you can improve the value of a material good through a skill like woodworking, sewing, or electronics repair, consider selling these goods.

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