How to Find the wikiHow Tour

The wikiHow Tour is helpful if you are a new user on wikiHow. When you are welcomed to the community, there is a link to it in the message you receive. However, if you archive your talk page and need to find it in a hurry at some point, you may need to search for it in a different way.


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    Click the following link to go straight to the beginning of the tour: wikiHow:Tour.
    • Use the links with arrows to navigate. The first one says "take the tour" and is not hard to miss.
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    Alternately, search for "wikiHow Tour" with the Search Bar in the top right of any page. The quotations marks aren't necessary in your search.
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    You can also go to the "About wikiHow page", scroll down near the bottom to "More About wikiHow", then click the link that says "The wikiHow Tour".


  • Here's a wikiHow article which is a good guide to wikiHow for information to learn more about wikiHow.
  • If you need additional help about wikiHow -- after taking the tour -- contact a member of the help team or a wikiHow Administrator.
  • It's good to sign up here and become part of our community. You are allowed to write and edit articles without an account, but creating one gives you access to more tools, including the spell checker, Quality Guardian and so much more like the opportunity to meet some of the great and helpful people here.
  • You'll discover the editors and authors are real people just like you and are willing to help you develop your article to its fruition so don't become discouraged!
  • You may also be recognized for your efforts and may even become a well known wikiHow Author!
  • For some mobile devices it is difficult to login and edit your articles, but it is easier if using a third party browser other than the stock default browser that comes installed on the device you are using and the login link above for older browsers.
    • Search your device's app store for "browser" to find one you like.
    • See the "Warnings" section on this article for more information about mobile device issues.
  • Consider bookmarking the wikiHow tour link if you want to reference it occasionally.


  • Problems with logging in or editing articles can be solved by simply using the full website interface with a home PC or Mac unless your mobile device displays full web pages easily.
  • For older Smartphones click here and use some type of a notepad app from the device's App store to make things easier to login and edit.

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