How to Find the Right Journal to Publish Your Work

Once scholars have completed their manuscripts, they look for a suitable journal to publish it in. But they often do not know which journal is the right one. The following tips can help them with their decision.


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    Make a list of all the journals in that particular discipline: Scholars, who have written their reports in medicine, should make a list of all the journals that publish medicine articles. Scholars across all streams can conduct this exercise and get plenty of information. This way they will have a list of all the sources that they can contact.
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    Read some sample journals: The scholars can browse through the articles written on a few journals and judge for themselves which style matches theirs most closely. They will come to know where they have the maximum chances of getting published.
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    Judge which journals get the maximum publicity: The scholars should research which journals get the maximum publicity and what their readership is. After all, no one wants to publish in a journal that nobody reads.
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    Make a list of the most impressive journals: The scholars should make a list of all the journals they think they can get published in. It is a good idea to select a few journals, and not have their hopes pinned on just one journal. Manuscripts often get rejected by journals, sometimes for no major reason. Writers should have two to three journals as back-ups.
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    Read the guidelines of the journals: The writers should read all the guidelines of the journals and make sure that they understand it thoroughly. They should analyze if they can comply with the requirements. In case they are not, they should apply to journals whose rules are simple to comply with.
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    Have an editor look at the manuscript before publishing: There are some editors who are specifically trained to judge the quality of projects that are sent for publishing. Let them take a look at the report. In case there are some shortcomings, the scholars can make the amendments before publishing.
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    Hiring the services of a professional support company: Nowadays, there are many academic support companies that offer help in a wide variety of academic services. They help with journal publishing as well. The scholars can hire the help of these professionals to make their journal search easy.

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