How to Find the Northern Lights

It can be a tricky business knowing how to find the Northern Lights, a.k.a. Aurora Borealis, if you don’t understand their mysterious nature and where they are most likely to appear. To make your hunt for the Northern Lights easier, this article gathers some of the most important information to help you.


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    Find the right location. Although it is possible to see the Northern Lights from some parts of the UK, the chances are far less likely than in more northerly countries that lie close to the polar regions. Places such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Canada and State of 'Alaska' have a well-earned reputation for boasting some of the best locations in the world for viewing the phenomena. Tromsö in northern Norway has become a popular destination to look for the Aurora and has been made even more famous by Joanna Lumley’s televised quest on how to find the Northern Lights.
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    Wait for the best weather conditions. Most sightings of the Aurora are reported during the months of October and March, between 11pm and 2am when the sky is at its darkest. However, clouds and bright lights can often hinder visibility so it is best that you wait for a clear night when there are few clouds and weather conditions are more advantageous. Heading out into the remote countryside away from the glare of city lights is possibly some of the best advice you will be given when learning how to find the Northern Lights.
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    Look for suitable accommodation. To really make the most of your Aurora adventure, you can stay in many different types of accommodation that make viewing even more special. Some of the places are
    • Finland. The Lapland Igloo Village in Finland is home to rows of futuristic glass orbs that feature immense views of the night sky from their panoramic windows. Should the Aurora appear during your stay in a glass igloo, you can relax in a warm comfortable bed as you watch the enthralling light show.
    • Sweden. Alternatively, the rugged mountain scenery of Abisko in Sweden provides a mind-blowing backdrop to Northern Lights holidays.
    • Norway. Norwegian cruises let you explore distant villages and towns that pepper the striking coastline. But wherever you decide to seek out the Northern Lights, make sure you enjoy the chase as much as the ultimate goal.
    • Alaska. During the months of October to March many lodges and hotels close because of the extreme weather but if you plan a little early than there is a possibility that you can find an Accommodation. Healy in Alaska is not only a good place to stay but also a good place to see Aurora Borealis.


  • Remember to take a camera if you want to capture the Northern Lights.
  • Wear thermal clothing to keep warm if staying outdoors for long periods of time.
  • To enjoy more adventures on Northern Lights holidays, book some optional activities such as snowmobiling, husky sledding or ice fishing.
  • Go to for excellent holiday ideas.
  • To know about the phenomenon read this link Aurora

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