How to Find the Definition of Slang Words

Sometimes, you hear people saying something about "delicious guys" and "mad rad parties", and you would like to know what they're talking about. Well, now you can understand them too! Simply read this article, and you'll be reeling off slang like a pro.


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    Go to one of the online slang dictionaries, such as Urban Dictionary or Peevish. Here, users submit their own definitions and pictures for various words. Many of the definitions submitted aren't that good, but the most relevant definitions are listed first. Users can "thumbs up/down" for each word according to the definition.
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    Use a search engine and type in "definition (slang word)." It's likely you will find a web page with definitions for a number of slang words, the one you want might be on the list. If it's not, try another engine. Repeat until you've found it.
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    Ask someone you know. Turn to family members, friends, employees/employers, teachers, anyone. They might have a definition for you. If you have any, check with brothers or sisters, they should probably know all the words.
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    Look in the dictionary for words that sounds similar. Sometimes slang words evolve from a word or pair of words. For example, the slang word "gonna" is often said in place of "going to".
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    Try to find the word in a number of sentences. Look through the web, in books, in movies, etc. for the word you are looking for being said. Once you have heard it used in a few different ways, it should be easier to understand. This definitely worked, since this is how you learned to talk. Over time, you learned that certain words meant certain things (e.g.: someone said cookie when they gave you a cookie).


  • Once you learn some definitions, share with others! Anyone can know.
  • Don't spam the definitions with your own interpretations of the same thing, leave them the way they are and make a new definition if your word is not there.
  • Here's a list of simple definitions to start you off:


  • Don't use slang words if you don't know the definition. Some can be very offensive or they may just make you look weird.
  • Urban Dictionary has many sex, drug, offensive language, advertisements, definitions, and offensive pictures, so discretion is advised.

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