How to Find the Best Bargains

Have you ever wondered where your friends get all their wonderful, cheap stuff? Have you ever wished that you could also find bargains for only a couple of dollars, pounds, Euros or whatever? Read on from step one below to be a successful bargain hunter.


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    Prepare your mind - keep it open for any possibilities. Be prepared to walk miles and miles to find what you're looking for. Be prepared for exhausted muscles and tears. You can best prepare your mind for this by searching up how to have a strong mind.
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    Do your research - search up thrift stores and flea markets on the internet, go to your local library, ask your friends, teachers, anyone! It is very important that you do your research before setting off for this ultimate journey of shopping.
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    Do not end up going to the local mall where you go every weekend, rarely are the best bargains found at the mall. Find places that you've never been to before, explore your surroundings and the city you live in or nearest to. Flea markets are favourite for finding the best bargains for some. Farmer's markets are increasingly popular too.
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    Look for what you're looking for properly! - Don't give up as soon as you get tired, look under other things, look behind things. The best bargains are usually found hidden in the darkest of places.
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    Don't buy anything ridiculously expensive, unless it's a bargain. Consider delaying your purchase if you've found what you were looking for but you are unsure if it's really a bargain. You can always come back to the shop and get it later.
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    Festive seasons are the best times to go shopping - Sales are usually on around Christmas where it is widely celebrated, so go then, or, on the most significant festive occasions where you live. Go shopping on the first day of the sales to make sure that all the best bargains haven't already been taken.
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    Take a packed lunch - This way, you won't have to spend money on food and drinks and you can end up saving considerable amounts!
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    Have fun - Don't get too stressed and if you can't find anything you really like, don't feel pressured to buy something, save the money for next time!


  • Leave some money at home, so you can go shopping again some other time.
  • Go with a friend who has the same kind of style as you, so you can both benefit from each others ideas and opinions.
  • If you don't want to bring a packed lunch, eat at home.


  • Don't go with a huge group of friends, everyone will want to go different directions.
  • Be prepared to fight for your desired bargains, there will be other ferocious shoppers.

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