How to Find the Best Acting School

Before enrolling in acting school, you should check for the best schools which offer quality education.


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    Before going to school, you must act.
    • Get a role in school musicals or in a community theater production. Act as much as you can; you must get experience. Acting is not something that you will do someday; it must already be a part of your life.
    • Act for pay if possible. Get an agent.
    • After progressing beyond the beginning level of acting, you must view your acting as a business - show business. Take a marketing class or read about marketing and view yourself as a product. Be realistic about your capabilities and market yourself accordingly.
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    You must be passionate about acting and know what you want. Acting is an activity people like to do because they equate it with fame and money in that order. However, this field is one of the hardest areas to break into; 90% of professional actors are unemployed at any given time.
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    You must have money, the best schools are expensive. You should have made good grades and high SAT scores in high school.
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    Consider enlisting in a conservatory, where you can learn acting skills. You could take courses in singing, dancing, fencing, make-up, juggling, voice control, etc.
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    Do you want to go to a large school or a small one? In a large school, the multi-talented and aggressive students will be favored by the teachers and you will be relegated to servant status if you are meek. However, a small school might not look as good on a resume, or might have fewer opportunities or resources.
    • Do comprehensive research to increase your chances to get into the best field.
    • Don't to pay thousands of dollars to get a degree or diploma that is mostly considered useless, though.
    • Check the credentials of the institution for longevity and for whether it meets your criteria.
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    Consider taking classes run by agents, acting teachers, actors and directors. You must have connections in this business. Your teachers can help springboard you into a career.
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    For the shorter term, take workshops and seminars in voice, movement, ballet, tap, make up, scene work, direction, etc.
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    For most, location is the main key to selecting an acting school.
    • Go to any university in your area and look up the performing arts teachers' experience and credentials. Do you want to learn with those people?
    • Go in for an acting center that has the best alumnus.
    • The best option can also be identified and chosen on the basis of the center’s reputation, its faculty, focus of the center, method of training, classes offered, length of studies, performance opportunities, preparation for the marketplace and the total cost.
    • Shop around, know what to expect from the training, interview teachers and ask lots of questions before choosing the acting school.
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    Check out the rankings of a schools on the world scale to determine the best ones.
    • You can even choose from the top ten institutions in that list, yet there is no best school.
    • Read the comments that the organization has received.
    • Consider the elite ones; they will give you an excellent education. Carnegie Mellon, New York University and Yale have great acting programs, and you will have a well rounded education that will help when you don't have an acting job
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    Choose the best by going through the reviews of the centers and its testimonials. The few acting centers worldwide vary and finding the best acting group is not a herculean task.
    • Know or list the requirements you are looking for.
    • Choose the institution which can give you a goal to help you succeed in this industry that is full of opportunities.


  • You must have talent, skill, craft and personality, as well as drive and resilience.
  • Take private lessons taught by famous acting coaches; e.g., voice teachers like Stella Adler, Kristin Linklater, etc
  • If going into films, read a lot of popular novels. 75% of films are based on them.

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