How to Find Suitable RV Camping Clubs in the USA

Two Parts:Deciding What Benefits You WantSelecting a Club

Camping clubs and RV associations in the USA can provide you with a means to get together with others who share your interests about camping or RVing. If you're traveling and camping in an RV, it is really useful to know which RV camping clubs there are for you to belong to. This article explains how to assess the benefits of belonging, as well as providing some suggestions to help you to find a suitable club for you.

Part 1
Deciding What Benefits You Want

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    Consider the benefits of belonging to an RV camping club. You can save money, find like-minded campers, and find specialized programs that help you plan your trip and activities. It is best to know the specific benefits each club offers before deciding on a specific club.[1]
    • When choosing a club, request brochure or URL information on what additional benefits and discounts club membership will bring you and your family or friends.
    • Some key parts of the club to keep in mind are: price--is it an annual fee? Can you be refunded if you are unhappy with the club?
    • Does the club offer useful discounts? Do you get discounts at specific RV parks and, if so, how much are the discounts? Do you get discounts at RV service centers, on RV products, or at RV rental agencies?
    • Does the club provide assistance if you need it? Do they offer roadside assistance, emergency assistance, or RV insurance?
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    Decide on an RV camping club that suits your lifestyle. Some considerations to keep in mind include the ability of the club to cater to your special needs and interests.[2]
    • Does the club take into consideration whether you have kids or are disabled?
    • Does the club have a specific interest that you are passionate about? Some RV clubs are based around a common interest such as a certain sport, outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking, or other hobbies, etc. Some clubs also cater to a specific group such as members of the military, families, or retired couples.
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    Determine whether a national or regional club is better for you. This is based on where you are planning on traveling that year. Some clubs offer benefits for specific regions of the country. Deciding on a national or regional club relies on the fact that you know where you will be traveling in the next year.
    • If you are planning on only traveling through New England, you should buy a regional club membership for that area, rather than a club membership that covers the entire country.

Part 2
Selecting a Club

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    Learn about national clubs. National clubs have chapters all over the country and are generally the largest clubs, meaning that they can provide the most number of services.[3]
    • Good Sam Club - This club gives you discounts at roughly 1600 different RV campsites in the US, as well as discounts at Camping World and a subscriptions to Highways Magazine. It is one of the largest RV clubs.
    • Escapees RV Club - This club has excellent mail forwarding services for those who just want to get away, permanently. They have local chapters and a discount pharmacy drug program, as well as classes that teach you have to RV with the utmost efficiency.
    • Passport America - This camping and RVing club offers 50% discounts on over 1800 campgrounds. It is one of the largest clubs and offers many convenient services.
    • Boondockers Welcome - This club for RVers facilitates invitations between members to camp for free on each other's private property.
    • National Parks Conservation Association – Member donations help to preserve our national parks for future generations. Members receive National Parks magazine, the Park Pak information kit, invitations to NPCA tours, discounts, and more.
    • The National African-American RVers Association – The NAARVA is a a nationwide camping club dedicated to providing family support for RVers.
    • TrekAmerica – Adventure travel programs for all ages, including camping tours, walking tours, and lodging tours.
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    Learn about regional RV clubs. Each state has one, if not many, regional RV clubs. You can go online to do an internet search to find RV clubs listed in your area or the area that you are planning on traveling to.
    • An example of a regional RV club is Mavericks RV club that is dedicated to serving RVers in the Central and Northern California regions (generally from Bakersfield to Sacramento.) The Mavericks generally hold three to four events per year.[4]
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    Learn about specialty clubs. Specialty RV clubs are clubs that were created to gather like-minded people and RV around the country. These specialty clubs range from clubs based on favorite hobbies to sexual orientation. You can perform an internet search to see if your specific interest is represented by an RV club. Here are a few highlighted specialty RV clubs.[5]
    • American Camping Association – Accrediting over 2,200 kids camps for health, safety, and program quality, this not-for-profit organization helps you find the right camp for your kids (and adults), even if they have special needs or disabilities. Dedicated to serving the community of single campers and RVers, with gatherings, activities, and rallies for those enjoying the single lifestyle.
    • Rainbow RV - This RV club was created to gather the RVing LGBTQ community. This club puts on many events each year and offers many discounts to its members.
    • RV Consumer Group – The Consumer Reports of RVs, this non-profit organization provides members the resources to make knowledgeable RV purchases.
    • RVing Women – This organization, addressing issues specific to independent women RVers, provides members with relevant information, RVing Woman magazine, rallies, caravans, and seminars.


  • Do your homework before joining a club. While some memberships may not cost much, it is still wasted money if you join a club and then don't make the time to travel around in your RV.

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