How to Find Scrap Metal

Need cash, but do not have anything to offer in return? Scrap metal is the best and safest answer you might be looking for. What is even better, it is all around us, laying and collecting rust, waiting for someone to collect it. Scrap metal is all around us, just waiting for you to pick it up.


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    Collect any kind of scrap metal like cool drink cans, old wires, nuts & bolts, screws, bicycle parts, car parts, old car batteries, knives forks & spoons etc.
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    Remove anything that is not metal like plastic etc. (You get more money if you bring in anything that is metal only instead of wires with plastic coatings.)
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    Separate the different kinds of metals. By separating the different kinds of metal you get more money in your pocket.
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    Take it to your local scrap metal dealer. They pay you per weight of each kind of metal.


  • You can put up a sign or ask your neighbours for scrap metal that they are not using.
  • Look around the city limits, rubbish dumps, alleys, etc.
  • Copper and lead are one of the highest paid per mass.
  • If you really get into it, you can become a scrap metal dealer, selling to metal factories at much higher prices than what the scrap metal dealers pays you.


  • Please be careful of sharp edges which might cut you.
  • When taking car batteries apart, make sure you have rubber gloves that will protect your hands from acid, also dispose of acid in the proper manor.
  • When taking transformers apart, make sure you are grounded, wearing rubber shoes and all other precautionary measures for electric shocks. Some transformers, TV sets etc. still hold some voltage even after years of no use.
  • You are responsible for anything you scrap. Make sure you know nobody wants the items because if they are reported stolen you are in a database from when you brought it to the scrap yard. Be careful.

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