How to Find Parts for a Vintage Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a specific make of car made in Germany and known worldwide for its style and quality. Due to their longevity, many vintage Mercedes-Benz cars are collectors pieces. To ensure the functionality of these cars, vintage parts are occasionally required. Know how to find parks for a vintage Mercedes-Benz so you can keep your classic car running smoothly.


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    Make sure that your car is really vintage before starting to look for parts.
    • Most cars are not considered to be "vintage" until they are at least 30 years of age. Examining the registration of your car can tell you if your car is indeed vintage.
    • This step is very important as parts for cars which are not vintage can often be found in the parts department of Mercedes-Benz dealerships, through online retailers, or even in junkyards. In contrast, finding parts for vintage Mercedes-Benz cars can be more difficult.
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    Talk to your mechanic.
    • Working with your mechanic is especially important if he or she specializes in the repair of Mercedes-Benz cars. If this is the case, the mechanic will likely have a number of leads on where you can find specific parts for your car.
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    Contact Mercedes-Benz restorers.
    • As with mechanics, Mercedes-Benz restorers are often on the lookout for spare parts. In some cases, a restorer may be a better source than a mechanic, as a restorer will usually be looking specifically for vintage parts. Discuss with these individuals the type of Mercedes-Benz that you own, and the parts which are needed. They may be able to point you in the right direction.
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    Visit online discussion boards.
    • The Mercedes-Benz Club of America has a website that is a worthwhile starting point for car owners when looking for a wealth of individuals who are knowledgeable about this specific make of car. Go to the discussion board, and post a message indicating your need for vintage parts.
    • Indicate your location when posting to these discussion boards. As this club operates on a worldwide basis, failure to do so can lead to recommendations and referrals on other continents that may not apply to you or may not be easily accessible in the area where you live. While this may not be a problem for some, high postage can be out of the price range for others.
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    Contact the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center.
    • The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center is a call center designed for classic Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. Individuals working at these call centers can help you find vintage parts, can get you in touch with local mechanics, and can even provide support for basic car maintenance.


  • Finding parts for your vintage Mercedes-Benz can take a long time. Don't let your eagerness to repair your car overshadow the quality of the parts you choose. Failure to use caution can result in severe damage to your car, making it impossible to drive in some cases.

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