How to Find out Your Multiple Intelligences

The incomplete nature of traditional IQ tests has led to the development of a number of alternative theories suggesting that intelligence is a number of independent abilities that each contribute to human performance mentally and physically. You can explore, think about thinking and intelligence -- and, perhaps, find your clear abilities and interests, i.e.: intelligence -- your own ways of dealing and learning -- by answering the questions upon the following forms of intelligence:

  • Linguistic intelligence ("word smart")
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number/reasoning smart")
  • Visual-spatial intelligence ("picture smart")
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart")
  • Musical intelligence ("music smart")
  • Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart")
  • Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart")
  • Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart")


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    Examine intelligence including, but not limited to: abstract thought, understandings, self-awareness, communications, reasoning, learning, using routines and many kinds of skills, having emotional knowledge, retaining, applying, trying again.
    • Intelligence often involves metacognition -- "thinking about thinking": (1) planning, (2) monitoring (re-checking), problem solving and (3) evaluating your outcome/results -- to improve the teachers and students results.
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    Answer the following quiz, and you will find out what kind of intelligence -- and how many intelligences you have.
    • Do you love reading, studying books or learning from lectures?
    • Do you enjoy grammar, using correct punctuation and new vocabulary or learning language(s)?
    • Do you enjoy writing prose or poetry i.e.: verbal, spoken or written, communications?
      • If your answer is yes to at least 2 of this questions, you are a word smart. Your intelligence is linguistic.
    • Do you find mathematics easy to understand?
    • Can you solve the mathematical problems easily?
    • Do you use math for self expression instead of drawings or lyrics?
      • If your answer is yes to at least 2 of this questions, you are a number reasoning smart. Your intelligence is logical-mathematical.
    • Do you especially enjoy visual material, art, shapes, conceptualizing two-dimensional or three-dimensional information, geometry, geography or photos and images?
    • Do you think art, graphics and images can represent anything, as words can but non-verbally?
    • Are you a person who remembers things because of position, shape, form, diagrams or pictures and drawings?
      • If your answer is yes to at least 2 of this questions, you are a picture smart. Your intelligence is visual spatial.
    • Do you think you can learn better, if you do physical activities and exercise -- or dynamic role playing?
    • Do you feel like you move, lean forward or nod "yes" exaggeratedly when your teacher or tutor is explaining something?
    • Do you think that physical activity or practice makes the experience much more memorable?
      • If your answer is yes to at least 2 of this questions, you are a body smart. Your intelligence is bodily-kinesthetic.
    • Do you listen to your music everyday, and you know the lyrics of favorite songs -- or do you like to read or write music, or compose and play music by ear?
    • Do you find music as your way for relaxing?
    • Do you often use music to express your feelings?
      • If your answer is yes to at least 2 of this questions, you are a music smart. Your intelligence is musical.
    • Do you like working or studying with your classmates?
    • Do you feel like your learning is better when the other people talk about the topic and give you their impressions and opinions on a topic?
    • When you do not get to study together with others -- give and/or get help on new concepts from anybody -- then you had really rather not try most learning all by yourself?
      • If your answer is yes to at least 2 of this questions you are a people smart. Your intelligence is interpersonal.
    • Do you prefer working or studying alone (all by yourself)?
    • Do you feel better when you do things alone instead of with anyone else?
    • Do you feel like your classwork or homework and learning is better when you work alone?
      • If your answer is yes to at least 2 of this questions, you are a self smart. Your intelligence is intrapersonal.
    • Do you find both animals and plants fascinating and like to learn about many of them?
    • Do you enjoy being in natural environs -- farming or ranching, at the creek, river, lake or in the woods or on wildlife trails?
    • Do you think that being outdoors is better for your concentration?
      • If your answer is yes to at least 2 of this questions, you are a nature smart. Your intelligence is naturalist.


  • Once you know your natural intelligences, look for information that will help you to develop those special intelligence and especially to try to extend other intelligences to feel well balanced.
  • Search for exercises to improve your performance, remembering that without effort and a little pain (concentrated exercise or study), then there is not much growth or gain of either brain or brawn.
  • Tell your teachers ways you will learn better, and ask them whether they can do something to find tutoring or some kind of teaching to help you in those ways.


  • This quiz is not exact.

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