How to Find Out Your GMAT Results

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is the most popular admissions test for MBA school. Test takers can access their GMAT score results online or they can request to have the results mailed to them. Your score report includes all GMAT scores from tests you have taken in the past five years.


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    Be patient. Although you will receive an unofficial score on the day of your exam, you will have to wait a few days, and sometimes up to several weeks, before you can obtain an official score.
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    Get your results online. Go to the GMAT website[1]and view your official score reports within 20 days after taking the exam. That official report will give you your total score as well as the score for each of the five sections: analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal. The initial and unofficial score results you get on exam day only tell you what you scored in the verbal and quantitative sections as well as your total (unofficial) score. The official score is the only score that counts; your unofficial score on the day of the exam is simply a guideline.
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    Get your report in the mail. You can receive printed paper GMAT exam reports through postal mail. Both online and paper reports contain the same information, but paper reports may reach you at a later date due to processing and transit time. It is faster to obtain the results online and print them out at home.


  • Obtaining your GMAT score results online is free and secure.
  • You may request additional score reports for tests taken up to ten (10) years prior to the day you are making the request.
  • Part of your registration fee includes having your GMAT score report sent to 5 universities of your choice. If you don’t list your 5 choices by the day of the exam, you will have to pay an additional $28 to have each report sent at a later date. Many people worry about “authorizing” these results before they know exactly how they performed on the exam, but it doesn’t matter what your score is; the results of every GMAT exam you take is and always will be available for all schools to review. So don’t worry about your score; schools don’t look at the results until they receive your application for admission. Most universities are interested in your highest score, no matter how many times you took the exam, and most universities view repeated exam attempts as evidence of your desire to do your very best.


  • Although you may take the GMAT once every 31 calendar days, you must bring your identification with you each time you take the test. You will have to have a recent and recognizable photograph and an acceptable government-issued ID.[2]

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