How to Find Out if You're Ready for Interracial Relationships

Some of us have serious hesitations when it comes to dating someone of a different race or creed, while others dive into those relationships with enthusiasm. If you're wondering whether you're ready for such a relationship, consider the following steps.


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    Consider how open to new experiences you are. For those who are risk averse or have issues with new experiences, dating someone of a different culture will be very stressful and difficult no matter how much you might like the person. Sometimes love can’t conquer all. Think about who you are and your ability to adapt to and embrace new experiences. If you aren’t very good at those things, then you are likely to have some serious problems with the ideals and differences of your love interest’s culture.
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    Consider the similarities your culture has with your potential partner’s culture. Some cultures are more passionate about things and communicate those passions very overtly. Others are more subtle and quiet in their daily dealings. Some are more materialistic while others are very unconcerned about material holdings and more concerned with the spiritual. Where do you fall in these veins? Think about this before you say yes to that hottie you think is amazing if you are looking for something long term. Most relationships that are based on similar backgrounds, morals, ethics, culture, interests, hobbies, religion, are more likely to succeed than those based purely on a person's outside façade or sexual attraction. Don’t get us wrong — there’s nothing wrong with interracial dating, or even interracial marriage. If you find your true love in another culture and you are accepting of and interested in their culture (and vice versa) then you have found a good match for you. But not everyone is like you. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what other people think, but whether you and your chosen love are compatible.
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    Ask yourself if you can truly live with the cultural differences that an interracial relationship implies. Think about what truly attracts you to the person and whether you can live with the differences between you in a long term situation. Be sure those differences are ones you can embrace without future resentment. (Let's say you like a big sloppy hamburger, but they’re Hindu and can’t eat beef. Are you willing to give up your burgers and steaks because you might be upsetting them? Can you do this indefinitely for your mate?)
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    Think about the personality traits you're seeking in your partner. Personality traits are distinct from someone’s race, creed, culture, etc. Personality traits are just that — the things that shape one's personality, independent of external motivations. Although they may be flavored by the person’s background, and influenced by those around them, ultimately, one's personality is one's own making. Are you family oriented? Are you possibly looking to have a family with the person you are choosing to date? What are the differences between your two philosophies of raising children? Do you believe children should run amok and be happy and playful? What does your love interest think about this? Do they believe children should be seen only briefly daily then raised by a nanny? These are fundamental differences that should be discussed relatively early in a relationship if you are ultimately looking for a parenting partner.


  1. We’ve all had problems with people in our past. That’s our baggage we carry from one relationship to another until we choose to put it down. Each relationship is different from the next. Keep in mind that it’s not about race, skin color, creed, or religion. It’s about how you and your partner mesh to make a couple. If you fit, you fit. If you don’t, then be honest about the reasons why and move on so that they can as well.
  2. Love, not lust, creates long term relationships filled with understanding and care, so if you are interested in someone from another culture, be sure it’s the person’s personality you are falling for, and not only their external beauty. Love doesn’t always conquer all. You have to work for it and choose wisely, and then get ready for the adventure you select!

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