How to Find New Books to Read

After finishing that perfect book, you're at a loss of what to read next. Hopefully, this article can help you out.


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    Choose the topic. Figure out what genre you like to read.
    • If you like action/comics/action movies, try a fiction genre.
    • If you are a fairy tale lover, try a good fantasy book/ fiction.
    • If you like to know facts or true stories, try a non-fiction or a true information book.
    • If you like to solve mysteries, then try a mystery book.
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    Check out the library. Use the online catalog to find the genre you're interested or ask the librarian for help. Or, use the library's shelving system to find an area with your desired genre, fiction or non-fiction. And some libraries have a specific shelf just for new books. Try checking there too, for the latest books of interest. Find titles of interest to you and make a small pile to go through.
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    Read the back of the books. Many books contain a back summary that tells you what to expect. If not, check the inside dust jacket cover or the first few pages for the summary of the book's content.
    • You can also find information out about the book by looking online for summaries.
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    Use the easy five-finger rule to choose a book to read by level of challenge. Start the first page by scanning or quickly reviewing the page. If you find one to two words that are too hard to read, maybe try that book because you don't want to read a book that's too easy. If you find three to five words that are too hard, then perhaps try for a simpler book that is easier to read. If you want a really easy book, then try to find a book that has no hard words.
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    Search websites for book choices. If the library didn't help you with a choice, you can try online instead. Search such sites as What Should I Read Next and These sites are designed for the specific purpose of finding a book that exactly matches your reading interests. Give it a try to see what you think.
    • On What Should I Read Next, all you do if type a book you liked, or perhaps a book you just finished, and look at the results.
    • On, to click up to four different bars and slide them closer to the two words. After that, the site picks a book for you, based on the criteria you wanted.
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    Look at blogs that feature articles about books. Book blogs will provide updates and information about hundreds of great novels. There are plenty out there, you just need to find the ones you connect with the best.
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    Ask around to find recommendations from friends, family and fellow readers. Chances are, if you like books, there's bound to be somebody else near you that does as well. Maybe they could tell you about a novel that you've never read before.
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    Read publisher's websites when searching for new books. Sites such as HarperCollins and Simon and Schuster have books, extras, synopsis, and more to choose from. You can easily find new books by going straight to the publisher.


  • Discuss the book in your mind. Have you missed anything?
  • Sometimes, new books soon become great classics!

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