How to Find Natural Cosmetics

Natural products are good for the skin, and it's a good idea to opt for them. One hundred percent removal of cosmetics is very hard to achieve, and the cosmetic chemicals are then absorbed by the skin and subsequently get absorbed into the bloodstream. There are some dangerous ingredients mixed in many of the skin products available that can even cause cancer. How do you find the best, natural cosmetics? Here are some useful tips to find natural and safe skin, hair and body products.


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    Look at home.
    • Cucumber is considered as one of the effective cosmetic ingredients. It is used in several types of beauty and skin care products. Cucumber has anti inflammatory properties and it provides natural coolness when applied to the skin. It is an effective skin lightener. It is also widely used to rejuvenate the tired face or eyes.
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    • Strawberries. These can provide color to the skin.
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    • Lemon can lighten skin and hair.
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    Check with retailers. There are so many products available at the retail stores but be careful checking the ingredients.
    • If you like high end products, and are not a fan of goopy and sticky organic/natural cosmetics, try Stella McCartney's organic skincare line, Care.
    • Natural skin care and beauty usually contain vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, along with lavender oil and tea tree oil. Lavender oil is one of the most effective cosmetic ingredients and is widely used in most of the cosmetics.Vitamin A is considered as a powerful antioxidant recommended for oily and dry skin.
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    Vitamins E and C are natural vitamins that provide protective layer to protect from pollution and the sun's rays. Sun rays are a major cause of skin damage and so Vitamin E is a powerful ingredient in order to make shelter for skin. Consider picking up capsules, or oil infused with those ingredients.
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    Search an organic food store. They will also have a personal care aisle, which carries natural and often handmade soap, shampoo, lotion and skincare.
    • Not all natural cosmetics are handmade and are hard to find. Burt's Bees you can find practically anywhere, and Bare Minerals, Dr. Hauschka, Lush and Toms can be found many places. Some mainstream cosmetics brands will some out with a natural line, such as Neutrogena.
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    It is difficult to find natural cosmetics, consider making homemade products!
    • You can make face wash with a mixture of baking soda, water and olive oil. You can also make facial cream, and depending on your skin type you can make a ton of other treatments. Whether you have acne, dry skin or oily skin you can always treat it naturally.
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    • Make a natural hair mask and rinse your hair with vinegar to seal hair follicles and create shine.
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  • Check the ingredients. If your makeup contains oils, talc or other chemicals substances, it is not natural.
    1. Price is a good indicator to whether makeup is natural or not. You don't want to overspend, but typically the better the makeup, the more it costs.

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