How to Find Low Cost Dental Implants

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root, embedded directly into the upper or lower jawbone. They can be used to support a single tooth crown, a multi-tooth bridge or an entire denture. Dental implants require preparation of the underlying bone, usually including the application of bone grafting material, and sometimes the re-positioning of sinus wall, which may be necessary due to bone loss. As such, dental implants are more invasive than many other procedures offered by a general practitioner dentist. This is reflected in the price as implants can be quite expensive.


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    Discuss your needs and options for treatment with your dentist. As mentioned in the introduction, dental implants have a number of advantages relative to traditional, alternate treatments such as dental bridges, partial dentures and surface supported full dentures. However, if you are not able to afford dental implant treatment, you may consider these alternate treatments. Generally this will mean a lower cost up-front, but potentially increased costs for future replacements or to address health issues associated with future bone loss.
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    Understand the potential benefits of dental implants. Despite the expense, there are several key advantages that implants offer relative to the treatments traditionally used in similar situations. These advantages are:
    • Prevention of bone loss,
    • A longer service life,
    • Increased stability.
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    Discuss with your dentist options that he or she might be able to provide to make your treatment more affordable, such as payment plans or phased treatment. Although this will not lower the cost to you, it might make it possible for you to fit your dental care into your household budget.
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    Shop around. There are a number of demographic and competitive forces within the dental industry that tend to discourage competition on the basis of price, however shopping around may result in some savings. Do this strategically by: 1) looking outside of your immediate geographic area, for example outside of the urban center in which you live, 2) considering a dentist in a different area of specialization than the dentist you are presently visiting, 3) looking for a dentist who is new to the profession and hoping to establish his or her practice.
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    Poll your friends, relatives and co-workers. As mentioned competition on the basis of price is uncommon within the dental industry, however there are sometimes practitioners willing to discount in order to assure a steady stream of patients.
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    Consider dental tourism to Mexico. Dental care in Mexico will be on average 60 to 70% less expensive than in Canada and the US. Once travel costs are factored in, depending on the treatment required and on the travel arrangements made, the savings can still be substantial.


  • Dental specialists often provide payment plans to their patients for dental implants. To enable you to save more, they offer affordable payment plans, such as a monthly payment plan or other such schemes. Always enquire with your dentist before getting on with the exercise.
  • The cost of dental care in Mexico is low relative to North America, however dental standards in Mexico are also relatively low. This can mean increased risk in terms of low quality work or infection control. These are risk factors that cannot be adequately assessed by someone with only a consumer level knowledge, or who has not gained the access required to thoroughly and systematically assess a dental practice. For this reason, if considering dental tourism to Mexico, an objective, informed international dental referral service should be consulted.

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