How to Find Lost Pets

Did you, or someone you know recently lose a pet? Are you unsure how to deal with and find the lost pet? If you are, then keep reading.


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    Ask your neighbors if they have seen your pet. They may not have seen your pet but your neighbors can keep an eye out, rising the chances that your pet is found early on.
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    Print out some fliers or posters to help others identify your pet. Make sure you have a recent photo and/or in depth description of your pet's appearance and personality. Offer a reward if you can afford it. Hang up the posters in areas where lots of people can see it such as at a busy intersection, a park, mall or school.
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    Regularly put out your pet's favorite food. Other animals may snack on it but the most important part is the smell. If your pet is in the area, they will probably smell the food and may return home.
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    Check your local animal shelter within a week of starting your search. Many pets end up at the animal shelter. Shelters have a holding period for animals they find. If nobody claims them within that period of time, usually a week, they go up for adoption! Make sure you check in person, your description of your pet might not match the perception of the person on the other end of your phone call!
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    Let time take care of the rest. You might not get your pet back but that doesn't mean for sure that your pet will be homeless. Especially friendly strays often get adopted into loving homes!

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